Luke... a Sith?

Lately I have heard SW7 rumors stating that Luke Skywalker is a sith. I paid these little heed until one of my friends sent me this article. (warning mild language, and I think there might have been dumb links at the bottom of the page). anyways, this article presented a perfectly viable and convincing theory that Luke turned to the dark side. And basically right under are noses.

Now if Luke is a Sith, he is either Kylo Ren, or a different, new Sith. It seems to make the most sense that if Luke is a Sith, that he is Kylo Ren, throwing in another bad guy wouldn't seem likely. I actually looked up pictures of the new Lego Kylo Ren minifigure, but there is no human face under the helmet, which gives the Luke theory more evidence, but at the same time, lack of it.
Kylo's words in the trailer definitely gain much more significance if Luke did in fact, turn to the dark side.

Overall, I'm not sure, but it is definitely plausible, and I tend to think it is right, though I do not know for certain.-Andrew


  1. What. Just. Happened.

    Holy Kleenex is right! If Luke turns out to be "the bad guy" my head will explode. Literally. But . . . I have to say it IS possible . . . I just hope it's not so. Because Luke is one of my favorites :(

    What do you think of the theory that Kylo Ren is Han Solo and Leia's son (and Rey is Luke's daughter)? My brother found that online somewhere and it kinda makes sense . . . I think, anyways . . .

    I do think Rey is definitely either Luke's or Leia's kid. I mean, she has to be. "The Force has always been strong in my family . . . You have that power, too."

    1. Yeah, I wasn't too happy with the idea at first either, but I have become more open to it, if it is done well. Yeah, that could be possible, there is so many theories! ha ha.

    2. Only a few more weeks to wait . . . ;)

    3. I know, I'm going to be so excited when I see it, imagine sitting in the theater and waiting for it to start? Then..... *cue SW music* the first SW intro in 10 YEARS.


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