Here's something neat I found:
"Hey is that inside a fish tank?"

"Yeah, basically"

"Is that a underwater rifle?"

"Yeah, basically"

Yeah, basically what I found is the Russian ADS underwater assault rifle designed for use by combat divers. Pretty neat huh?  Here's its wikipedia link. The picture is a ADS at an arms show, inside a "fish tank". Definitely about the best way to show off a underwater weapon.

As you can see, it has a grenade launcher, but there aren't any underwater-use grenades designed for it. (as far as the Russians have mentioned, mind you).

So overall pretty neat. - Andrew


  1. Wow, that's pretty neat! "As far as the Russians have mentioned, mind you"--haha :) I'm taking Russian History right now in college and my professor's from Russia, and he kind of likes to joke about how secretive the people/government tend to be. He jokes about everything Russian, actually--it's quite amusing.

  2. Yeah, the Russians definitely get a lot of jokes! Does your professor have an accent at all? That would be cool.

    1. Yes, he has an extremely strong accent--it's a ton of fun to listen to, but you also have to pay close attention to what he's saying or you'll miss a lot of important stuff.


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