Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront was originally released in 2004. It is a 1st/3rd person shooter that puts you in the boots of SW soldiers, the main characters are still present (and playable) but are a special accessory rather than the main focus of the game which one of the reasons I'm interested in it.
SWBF 2 was released in 2005 but a third sequel never materialized much to the disappointment of fans. But that has changed. Not a sequel but a reboot of the original series. EA games/Dice is creating the all-new SWBF set for release Nov 17 in the US and Nov 19 in Europe. The game's beta is the largest in EA history with 9 million players. 

Now instead of writing paragraph after paragraph about a game I have not personally played the beta of, I included this very well done 22 minute long video that covers all the ins and outs of the game and what is known so far about it. So I will simply write my opinions and what I'm excited for and let you watch the video to see what it is all about and develop your own opinions.

So like I said in my previous post I am not a super hardcore fan like I was and even though I consider myself a fan now, I'm not sure if this is just a whim that will pass after the Force Awakens has been out for awhile or if I have "gotten my geek" again. I had heard of SWBF before, and decided to look it up. And that is how I found this new one that they are currently making, for which I'm pretty excited. You see, I don't play COD or Battlefield mainly because of the big fat M slapped on every box. I have played some FPS, but only a few, really old ones like Medal of Honor Allied Assault or painfully politically correct ones like America's Army. 

So I was pretty interested in this since it is a big money game with all the bells and whistles but without all the guts getting splattered on the walls and the swearing in between. Besides that though, it seems to be a pretty cool game. I especially like the nice sparks that fly whenever somebody get hits with a blaster bolt, beautiful explosions, and the rag-doll style physics. Not to mention the overall beauty of the game, though I'll have to tone it down a bit for performance (I have a Windows 8, so I should be able to get some nice graphics, just not everything, have to take it easy on Bessie). 

The game has both online and offline modes, but no single player campaign which is too bad since I would have liked that, but it seems to make up for it with all the other game modes and cool things it has to offer. The standard edition is going to be sixty clams upon release so I will probably wait awhile until it is within a reasonable price range. The squadron game mode definitely seems to be a nice bonus since it adds purely spaceship battles to the game. Definitely isn't a simulator but the cockpit views look great. I'm looking forward to walker assault too, the Hoth map is beautiful and the entire game mode is neat since it is a large-scale full-out battle, versus the smaller squad-size modes such as drop zone (which I still look forward to as well).

It is definitely interesting how Dice created Sullust, Dice was allowed by SW to imagine themselves what the planet should look like. It seems that they did a good job. I also like how they have lots of explosive weapons and some solid-projectile guns like the cycler rifle, which add a interesting aspect to gameplay and provides for some variety. the blasters look great as well of course, and obviously give a slightly different experience compared to other games where you have to change magazines every 30 or so rounds. 

So are you a Star Wars Battlefront veteran? Or new to it like me? Overall it looks like a great game and a lot of fun. Tell me what you think about the new game, like The Force Awakens, I think it's going to be great.


  1. I have played both previous BattleFront games a lot. I did not think they were balanced (Assault rifle class beats everything.) But it was a ton of fun. It looks like this Battlefront game holds to the old style and feel of the old games but looks amazing graffics wize.

    1. Yeah, in the videos it seems they use a variety of weapons, but I wouldn't know because I haven't played (yet, at least). Thanks for commenting, I'll probably be returning the favor soon, I've seen your blog but haven't looked closely at it yet.


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