SWBF, Finding Dory, and SW7... what?

Well, I was looking at Amazon reviews for the new SWBF, and sadly, it seems to have fallen below most people's expectations with only an average rating of 3 stars. Granted, reviews aren't everything, but it is disappointing to see such an anticipated game (and one dealing with such a popular franchise) to go down in the dumps. Most reviewers said it was only worth about 30 dollars or on the low end 15 or absolutely nothing. They don't argue the game's looks but it seems the gameplay is lacking. Down the road if I find it used for 20 bucks or less I might pick up a copy, and even in the short run it isn't a big deal, but to me things like that are always disappointing where things don't live up to expectations and turns into people feeling like they've been scammed.

By the way, the Finding Nemo sequel "Finding Dory" teaser came out, unfortunately it does not seem to do the original any justice at all, no jokes were funny, it was LAME. So there is something to throw on the bonfire.
"I'm disappointed in you"

 The only lasting worry I have about all this is that it has somewhat undermined my confidence in the new SW film, even though these things are unrelated to a considerable degree. Why it worries me is because it shows how things can fall below expectations and completely disappoint people looking forward to them (NO, I'm not upset about Finding Dory, and not even SWBF too much, just the sad truth of how they turned out) but it shows how things could go wrong.

 To me, SW7 must be a total smashing success, meeting or exceeding our expectations or I would consider it a failure. If it turns out to be a reflection of all the cheap, disgusting "cash grab" that everyone is trying to do (SW merchandising) trying to make all the money they can by taking advantage of the SW craze, then that would be horrible. If George Lucas wanted another movie just to make money that would be bad (and this isn't all GL's fault, I'm just saying that if he was doing the same thing every retail store is) then that would be BAD. If GL wants to make a good film and worthy addition to the SW saga and make loads of money at the same time, then that's perfectly understandable, but if it reflects what everybody else is doing then that is going to be a huge disappointment. I think it will be good, but these recent kaputs has simply reminded me how badly things could go wrong. - Andrew


  1. Mr. Knightleyyyy.....

    And yes, you know I was sorely disappointed by that trailer. :(

  2. MR. KNIGHTLEY!! Too bad about the lame teaser :(

  3. At the risk of sounding repetitive . . .


    Yeah, I worry about that a bit, too--I know that sometimes even movies that LOOK really brilliant from their trailers can turn out to be horrible or just plain lame. I'd be super disappointed if SW7 was the same way. Because the three original movies were just so GOOD, and then the prequels came along and they just couldn't measure up. (IMHO) And I really don't want SW7 to be like that; I want it to be as amazing as the originals, or better.

    Oh, well . . . all we can do is hope, I suppose . . .

    1. Have you heard of Red Tails? Red Tails was like that, (good trailer, bad movie). We don't have to wait long now...

    2. Ummmmmm . . . it sounds familiar but I can't really say I recognize it . . .

      That's right--and I will be DONE WITH FINAL EXAMS BY THAT TIME!!! (Ahem. Calming down now. I'm just kind of excited because I'm a college senior and this semester has been a LOT of work.)


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