I want to build a tank!

On and off for the last few years I have had a dream. Or idea or whatever you want to call it. My obsession with it has come and gone but the concept has never ceased to appeal to me: to build my own homemade tank. Believe you me, people have done just that, which is why of course, how my idea came about. I'm pretty sure I had thought about it even before I found it online though. Before I continue, I should basically describe what a "homemade tank" is. To me, it is vehicle built to look like a tank or a more scratch-built type deal, where you basically build a tank from the ground up with your material of choice. And I'm talking about fully functional vehicles you can actually drive (having a working turret and guns and stuff is optional to me).

I have gone through many different ideas and most of them are of the variety of trying to make a conventional vehicle look like a tank. I have contemplated using lawn mowers, trucks, cars, SUVs, trailers, bicycles, ATVs, snow/construction vehicles, and golf carts. Right now, I think mail vans are a pretty good option (because of their angular construction, which better allows for adding stuff to the outside and changing the vehicle's appearance). Obviously, the main reason why none of these bright ideas got off notebook paper, would be three things: a base vehicle would cost too much dough, take up too much space, and I can't turn any current vehicles that my family owns into tanks. Pretty legit reasons so you can't say I gave up.

Example of a paintball golf cart tank (note the head-shotted commander)
I have played paintball, it is a danged expensive way to get bruises.

It may be something I might want to try doing someday, but for the reasons listed above, I will obviously not be doing it anytime soon. In fact, right now I have an idea for a "tank simulator" which I plan on building in my basement. It will basically be a closed-in "gaming closet" generally resembling the interior of a tank. It will be constructed with a PVC tube frame and covered with some sort of plastic sheet or paneling. The top will be covered with clear plastic so light can come in (tanks aren't necessarily super-dark, and if you have a computer going you want backlight to protect your eyes). I plan on getting a tank simulator for Christmas, it is from 2005, so I should be able to run it on the Windows XP I plan on using.

Anyways, back to the grandiose tank-building program. Well, there isn't a ton to say about it considering that I never built one.
But I do have these images of tanks other people built that are pretty cool.
Example of a truck-turned-Panther tank.

And besides simply building tanks I had ideas to equip the interiors with fans, replicated interiors and that kind of stuff.
M1 Abrams built using a Soviet BTR-type vehicle as it's base.

If I was able to build a tank completely disregarding reality, I would probably build a vehicle like the Abrams above in terms of general design, namely, a highly realistic replica built on top  of a tracked chassis, versus building a tank out of a car for example.  preferably I would build five or ten tanks, obviously. But at that rate I might as well just buy a platoon of tanks since we are after all, disregarding reality. I feel that I could design a successful tank, but we can all do alot of things, we just don't have the resources most of the time. Hope you enjoyed the post, and Merry Christmas!-Andrew



  1. Cool post. I really like your backdrop for your blog. It reminds me of the interior of a tank. What is it actually a picture of? A tank simulator sounds like fun. And much easier to build than a homemade tank.

    1. Thanks, that is actually exactly what it is. It is the interior of an M60 (or M48 or 47) one of those cold war US medium tanks. Merry Christmas!

  2. Wow, those look so neat! I definitely see why you want to build one. But a simulator sounds like a great compromise! Money, or the lack of it, puts constraints on the best of us, it does. I know all about that . . . Merry Christmas, BTW! :D

    1. Yeah, it's nice because it is an idea that actually feels that it could work, versus other ideas that I have had which are really just fanciful daydreams, ha ha. Merry Christmas!


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