Walker tanks and other artwork pt.1

Maybe some have you have seen what I'm talking about, I have seen "walker tanks", basically WW2-era vehicles modified as Star Wars style "walkers". I'm not sure what this particular genre is called, (kind of similar to 1946-style alternate history) but basically I don't know what I'm talking about , but the artwork and scale models I have seen have inspired me to sketch my own designs to put on my blog. I plan on posting one design per week. Most are walker tanks but I have a few other conventional vehicles as well.

This particular design is a Soviet T-70 light tank configured as a 4-legged scouting walker. I drew a crude human-shaped thing in front of the walker to give some indication of scale. The L-70 scout as I call it, has a crew of two men (driver and the commander/loader/gunner). the L-70 is designed for speed and is intended to "bound like a deer". It has long legs with large spade-like toes, and considering it's role, it has light armor. Pointed out in the illustration, the L-70 has a escape hatch at the bottom for quick bailing out, as well as a driver hatch (located just behind the headlight) and a turret hatch, of course. Besides a rifle-caliber MG mounted coaxially,  there are two 20mm cannons mounted just beneath the gun mantlet. Merry Christmas!-Andrew


  1. Nice sketch. That is a very cool tank/walker concept. Perhaps the 20mm canons are overkill on a scout, and they take up space for ammo :) Can it kneel so the crew can get back in easier?

    1. Yeah, thats true. About the kneeling, I actually didn't think of that, it's a good point. If it didn't they could swing up through the bottom hatch. But yeah, I'll say it can kneel.


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