Walker tanks and other artwork pt.4

This week's selection is the Soviet RTS-28 MLRS (multiple launch rocket system)/scouting walker. It is armed with a 60 rd 100mm rocket battery and it also has 4x 25mm cannons, mounted in pairs on either side of walker in small side turrets. The RTS-28 has a maximum of 60mm armor (15mm min.). It can do 50 miles per, and can be used for scouting, bombardment with rockets, and can be used also for anti-walker/tank fighting, as the rockets are capable of destroying such, but the entire launcher arrangement is vulnerable to enemy fire, thus making such use somewhat impractical. - Andrew


  1. You definitely have a talent for sketching. This walker looks amazing. So it is mobile scouting artillery, sort of like a armoured car. How many crew does it hold? And who gets to shoot the canons and rockets? Also, is there good visibility inside the walker and how do crew get in and out?
    Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks! It would have three crew members, a driver, commander (in charge of the cannons) and a gunner for the rockets. I suppose the vehicle could simply squat down so the crew could jump/step out safely, and there would be retracting ladders for getting out when the vehicle is standing up. And of course, you can just jump if you need to get out really fast and would rather have a bruised ankle versus being burned alive. Looking at my drawing, the visibility probably wouldn't be too good, it could definitely use some periscopes or cameras. Happy New Year!


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