War Thunder vehicle review: M5A1 Stuart

                                                               watch on youtube


  1. I like the Stuart. In-game it is fast and exellent for sneaking around the enemy rear. I read about it in history books. I guess the japenese in the pacific would crawl all over the stuart tanks. . .so they would pair up and hose each other down with machine guns. One of the coolest light tanks in history.

    1. Yeah, that happened in Korea too, except with Pershings. Have you ever posted stuff on Youtube before? I am going to try and see if I can get it up to 1080p the current res is pretty bad, even though the original video was 1080p. Yeah, we had some of the best light tanks of the entire war.

    2. Huh, actually I just checked my video, it's 1080 now. YAY!


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