The Force has Awakened.... and I saw it. *ACTHUNG! SPOILERS ABOUND*

Alright, so here it is, my spoiler-infested review of the first Star Wars movie in ten years, the epic beginning of  a new trilogy, one for a new story, and a new generation. Okay, so originally I was planning on doing a bit by bit kind of post, but that would take way too much time and makes absolutely no sense at all to painstakingly recreate the movie for you when you are just going to see it anyway, but I'll be going into some detail on different things, and as is forewarned in the title, BIG THINGS ARE GOING TO BE SPOILED IN THIS REVIEW. So now that you seen it already, don't care, or have decided you have no self-control, please continue.

Alright, so I went into this film with mixed feelings. I wasn't so sure after either, overall  it was great, despite some flaws. But I like it even better now, and I think I'll enjoy it even more if I (which I plan to) see it again. So right off the bat, JJ Abrams did a good job hiding things. Luke was not a Sith, one of the biggest rumors of the entire movie turned out to be completely false. And the most significant plot points are ones that I don't think many people were speculating about. Or at least I wasn't.

So the new characters are amazing. Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, and Poe are great characters. The "old gang' has definitely had their time, sue me, but you know it's true. Rey is the main character of TFA and will probably be for 8 and 9 as well. She's a good heroine, she can shoot stormtroopers and brain people with her stick, and not have to have an attitude about it, unlike so many other female characters who can't be satisfied with being a warrior and have to be sarcastic and annoying as well. Rey has a lot of mysteries and none of them are really answered in the film, but it leaves us with thinking that she must be Luke's daughter, but JJ might just be trying to fool us.

Finn is meanwhile a Stormtrooper who was raised from birth to fight. The new stormtroopers aren't clones though, which would allude to some sort of under-handed method the First Order uses to raise soldiers. Finn is actually "FN2187" a serial number from which Poe Dameron derives the name, "Finn". Finn and Rey gang up when they have to escape from the First Order which is attacking them on Jakku,they take the Millenium Falcon (stolen from Han, then being stolen repeatedly by various parties, finally ending up on Jakku) And then after they escape they are captured by Han Solo, and Chewie, who are running a business with a barge ship thingy whatever. Han gets visited by some guys that he apparently owes money to but they manage to escape, of course. This is just after Finn had defected, and rescued Poe from the First Order, but they were shot down on Jakku, and the two got seperated, and then Finn met Rey, and Poe's droid BB-8, who had been found by Rey. Also, unlike I previously thought, Finn is not a force user, but uses Luke's lightsaber out of necessity, as does Rey, but Rey can and actually does use the force, much too easily I thought, but after all, it is called "The Force Awakens" isn't it?

 Rey and Finn are the romance of the film too, and their cute relationship is a nice break from the overly dramatic (and largely emotionless) one of Anakin and Padme's and has less of the tiring, back and forth sarcastic jabs that characterized much of Han and Leia's relationship in the originals.

Poe meanwhile, the now heartthrob of every female SW fan is supposedly the "best pilot in the galaxy" and is a pretty important character but is less involved in the more pivotal plot points compared to Rey and Finn.

Kylo Ren, the new villain

Kylo Ren is pretty cool. But that's not the big deal. He is BEN SOLO, Han and Leia's son.
Kylo was training with Luke, but he turned to the dark side, slaughtered all of Luke's pupils and Luke hit the hermit button and vanished to an unknown location. Kylo has some pretty amazing force skills, able to stop a blaster bolt in mid air, read minds, and stop people from moving by holding them in place with the force. Now this is the part that upsets everybody: Kylo Ren kills his own father. HAN SOLO DIES. This was unfortunately, one spoiler that I knew about, on accident. Han Solo has a fairly sizable part in the movie, but his death was something that needed to happen. My sister read a blog post and it said that the film needed to be bold and "do something" and Han can't really contribute to the plot any longer. And YES HE IS DEAD, HE GOT STABBED WITH A LIGHTSABER, FELL DOWN A ABYSS AND THE WHOLE PLANET EXPLODED, HE AIN'T COMING BACK.

Kylo Ren has a bad temper too, illustrated by the following gifs:

And it is interesting to note, that Kylo just wears a helmet for style, not like Vader who needed it to survive.

A new super-weapon is featured in the movie as well, I am calling it the "Sun Gun" it was basically a huge weapon built into a planet that fired several projectiles at a time and could destroy several planets at a time. Killing billions of people is starting to get too mainstream, and it getting destroyed at the end of the movie was super cliche, but the scene where General Hux is giving a really hard core speech and then the weapon getting used was pretty impressive.

The First Order has a strange leader too, Supreme Leader Snoke, who appears as a giant hologram, and isn't one of the most impressive ideas, but isn't all that bad.

 And Rey finds Luke at the end. It is almost a cliff hanger ending. Luke just stands there and says nothing, while Rey is holding out his old lightsaber.

Alright, so I think I'm going to wrap it up there. There is tons I haven't explained, as their is just too much of it, but I am not disappointed with it, and it is definitely worth seeing. I plan on seeing it again, and I expect I'll enjoy it even more. The new characters are excellent, the special effects are of course, better than ever before, and it is just amazing, a new story, but continuing the old and familiar one of the originals. I'm giving it..... hm....  8/10. Also it is rated PG-13, for sci-fi violence, the rating is pretty accurate, overall the film is not that violent, there is a little blood, and some mild language (H-word and D a few times) but overall it is a pretty clean film, and actually cleaner than 2 and 3. So get you tickets and popcorn kiddies, we're going to the cinema. Thanks for reading, Andrew


  1. "So get you tickets and popcorn kiddies, we're going to the cinema."
    Yes, yes, let's do it again.


    But hahaha the emotionless and dramatic drama that is Anidala. Or Anadme. Padanakin. Whatever.

    The "under-handed method" bit about poor Finn. -sniff- He was probably kidnapped from his loving parents....sob.


  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh . . . STAR WARS!!!

    Loved reading this review--great job! Yes. Amazing, epic film, and definitely a worthy heir to the original trilogy, I'd say. Going in to see it, I had a really "good feeling" about it--like, I was almost 100% sure it was going to be a great movie--and it was. IT WAS. IT WAS PHENOMENAL. AND I'M SO HAPPY I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU.

    Yes--Rey is SUCH an improvement on the usual "strong female character" stereotype. She's strong and capable and determined while actually remaining a nice person--which is, of course, just as it should be. And she's all-around awesome and I love her. I dig her British accent, too :-)

    Okay, I'm gonna brave your sister's wrath here and say that I absolutely agree with you in regard to both Anakin/Padme AND Han/Leia. Rey/Finn is waaaayyyyyyyyy better. In my very 'umble opinion, Han and Leia spend an inordinate and uncalled-for amount of time fighting/bickering/arguing. And that is So. Not. My. Style. I'm not saying it's "bad," per se--everybody's different--but I like Rey and Finn SO much better. They don't waste time sparring. They're just like, "Hey--you seem pretty cool--I like you--let's go on an adventure together." YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

    Ummmmmmmm . . . no . . . Poe Dameron is not *my* heartthrob. Finn is my guy, and he always will be. End of story.

    Yeah--I pretty much expected Kylo Ren to be Han and Leia's son--my big brother suggested it to me, and it felt "right" somehow. But I did NOT expect him to kill his dad. That was a huge shock. I think it was a good decision on the moviemakers' part, and all that--but I had a really, really hard time absorbing that one.

    Love that Kylo Ren/stormtroopers gif ;-)

    Yeah--Rey IS Luke's daughter. You wait 'till the next one comes out and you'll see that I'm right.


    Ahem. ;-)

    1. Thanks! I didn't go in so confidently, but it's one of those things where you like it more after you get to kind of digest it and think about it, so yeah, it WAS amazing. Yeah, Rey is definitely a great character, and they did really well with everyone else too, yeah, my sister defends Han and Leia, but with Padme and Anakin, we were just making fun of them when we were rewatching the prequels, the acting is a big problem with the prequels.

      Well, okay, probably not EVERY female SW fan love Poe. But probably 3 out of five or something like that.

      Hmm... that's interesting, because I didn't think that was a big rumor/speculation, yeah, Han dying was not a shock unfortunately, but yes, it did have to happen.

      Ha ha, yeah, a lot of times I think about how it would be being an officer for example and dealing with Vader and not getting killed in the process, if I was Kylo, I have to admit I would be pretty much the same way, smashing things up and letting other people fix it... Ahh, the luxuries of command, ha ha.

      But we thought Luke was going to be a Sith, so.. like I said JJ is tricky.

      It will be so exciting, this is a trilogy that I get to see AS IT COMES OUT!!!!!!!

    2. Exactly--watching the new trilogy actually unfold before your eyes is one of the best parts, I think . . . Espcially one that promises to be SO GOOD. I was five years old when the prequel trilogy started, so I do "remember" it, but that was nowhere near as exciting. Even as a little kids, my brother and I kind of had our doubts about the quality of those prequel movies . . . and looking back as young adults, it's like, SHEESH. Padme/Anakin--that was just plain creepy. HE'S LIKE NINE AND SHE'S LIKE FIFTEEN. WHYYYYYYYY?????????

      Yeah . . . J.J. can be tricky . . . Even before seeing this, though, my brother and I had pretty much agreed that Luke was going to be a retired-Jedi-in-hiding (like Obi-Wan in "A New Hope"), not a Sith, soooooooooooooooo . . . I don't know. I'm still putting my money on the "Rey as Luke's daughter" theory. But we'll have to wait and see.

    3. Yeah, this is the very first SW I have seen in theaters. Ha ha, the prequels are still good (especially three) but oh yeah, there is so much to make fun of.

      I guess we'll just have to wait til next year! (the long wait begins again) But yeah, it seems likely but again, JJ is very sneaky.

    4. Yep, we'll be waiting for a while . . . Oh, but at least we do have "Rogue One" next December to tide us over. Plus "Captain America: Civil War" this spring. (Can't wait to see that one. Even though I'm fully expecting to cry at the end.)

    5. Okay, so you know how Disney is planning to come out with three "extra" Star Wars movies, besides Episodes 8 and 9, in the next five years? The extra movies each focus on a smaller story within the general Star Wars saga--like, for example, one of them is going to be about Han Solo's life before "A New Hope." "Rogue One" is the first extra movie; it's coming out in December 2016, and it tells the story of the theft of the Death Star plans by a group of rebel fighters known as Rogue Squadron (which is referenced at the very beginning of A New Hope). If you want, you can read more about it on "Wookieepedia": http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Rogue_One

    6. Huh, I heard about the Han Solo one, but I thought it was a hoax or something. Yeah, I had my sister look up Rogue Squadron, it looks pretty cool, I wonder if they are going to be weird "spin-offs" or if they are going to fit in well with everything else. Thanks for the link, I'll be checking it out.

    7. If they are any good though, it will definitely be something to look forward to and dampen some of the sting of having to wait for #8! ha.

    8. Okay, I've been waiting till I had time to jump in on this conversation....;)

      Hahaha, I love Rey's accent too! AND SHE AND FINN ARE SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE MY LOVE FOR THEM. I can't waiiitt to see how their relationship unfolds in the next movies. (UGH we have so long to wait, I knooooow. So. Unfair.)

      But. JESSICA. Oh my, we can't be friends anymore. You don't like Han and Leia's relationship. This is horrendous.

      (I'm just kidding, of course we can be friends still, heehee ;))

      I really wanted Rey to be Han and Leia's daughter...she LOOKS like their daughter. But, I guess her being Luke's daughter would be second best.

      Oh myyy, a movie about Han Solo's backstory???? Eek! But-but-they won't have Harrison Ford as him....it won't be the same. -sniff-

      And if they give him some horrible backstory like having been previously married or having a child out of wedlock or something I will not be happy. Not happy, Bob.

      Hahaha, yes Anakin and Padme are creepy. Especially in episode 2. The balcony scene with him touching her back.....eewwww. No warning lights there, Padme???

    9. I'm kind of expecting "Rogue One" to rely pretty heavily on the old "canon" Star Wars literature, 'cause I'm fairly sure that Rogue Squadron gets talked about a lot in there. Same way with the new Han Solo movie, Natalie--Han Solo actually has quite an interesting backstory in the old Star Wars canon. No kids-out-of-wedlock or anything like that, I don't think. He did save Chewie's life twice, though :-)

      Um, no. I do NOT like Han and Leia's relationship. At all. End of story. Basically, I don't think they have enough respect for each other--or if they do, you have to admit they sure don't ACT like it. Seriously. They JUST CANNOT SEEM TO STOP ARGUING. And I don't like listening to other people argue. It makes me feel bad.

      You can say, "well, it's just a story," but for me, it's NEVER just a story. I look at every single story as though it were something happening in real life, and if I can't approve of it in real life I don't like it in fiction, either. So . . . yeah. That's the way I feel about it.

      I've never watched episode 2 or 3--just clips. But I do remember being slightly--um--CONFUSED by their relationship in episode 1, back when I was five or six. I was like, "how can a nine-year-old be falling in love with a girl Padme's age? That's WEIRD."

    10. Oh, good! I'm really looking forward to it, then! :)

      True, very true. They DO argue a lot. But it certainly tones down after they admit that they love each other. I think they are both really strong personalities. They both like to do things their own way, they don't like being dictated to, and they're very stubborn. But, these are very real flaws that people can have in real life! I like that they are characters with flaws-it makes them realistic. Not that the flaws are good or admirable, of course, but it makes for interesting character growth. For instance, Han especially has a great character arc-compare his attitude to helping others and being under authority between eps. 4 and eps.6 and you can see just how much he's changed! As for Leia, I do think she learns to be more soft-spoken and a little less commanding.
      So, while it's okay if we don't agree, I still find them one of my favorite couples ever. :) Hope you don't mind!

      Hmm. Now I think a defending Han/Leia post may be fun to do. Of course, I wouldn't mind at all if you (an and others who disliked them) commented and stated all your opinions against them. That's totally fair. It makes defending posts fun. :)

      Oh, and I know what you mean about looking at fiction as if it were real life; I do that too! :D

      HAHA, I know, right? Very weird!

    11. That's okay--you can certainly call them one of your favorite couples! Everybody's different, after all. I understand that they're flawed, realistic characters and that they both have a lot of growing to do--but for myself, those PARTICULAR flaws (being stubborn, argumentative, bossy, aggressive, etc.) are flaws that really, really bother me. I just Do Not Like characters like that. Period.

      For example, Rosie and I just watched "Tangled" for the first time yesterday--and you know which character I related to the most? It wasn't Flynn, and it wasn't Rapunzel. It was Pascal. And if you try to imagine how Pascal would react to either Han Solo or Princess Leia (or both), you'll have a pretty good picture of how I feel about them ;-)

      Haha, sure, you can do a "defending Han and Leia" post! I'll probably have some pretty loooooooooonnnng comments to make in response . . . but that's okay, that's what makes it fun, like you said ;-)

    12. Jessica,
      Well, same here. It's certainly okay if they're NOT your favorite couple. :D

      Haha! Yes, I can see Pascal being a bit annoyed with them. :)
      But oh! You watched it for the first time? How did you like it?

      I'll look forward to your comments when and if I do that post! :D

    13. I luuuuuuuurrved it. Awesome movie. I think I like Frozen just a TEENY bit better, but Tangled is still fantastic. Especially the scenery and colors and general quality of animation--it's just BEAUTIFUL. :-) And Pascal is my favorite character. Followed by the King and Queen, Rapunzel's parents. (Not that I didn't love Rapunzel and Flynn--I did--I just found myself really, really drawn to those three "silent characters.")

    14. What does this have to do with Star Wars?

    15. Andrew-Whatcha going to do about it? :P

      Jessica- (Just fyi, Andrew and I are joking with each other ;))
      Oh yay! So glad you liked it! It's one of my very favorite Disney movies. :) Isn't it just gorgeous? And the music...."I See the Light" especially. Really? I can see why you love them, though. I cry pretty much every time when the king and queen are sending off the lanterns. :( They never speak, and yet they convey SO much emotion!

    16. I could start deleting comments... mu hah ha

  3. Impressive movie post. You pretty much summed up how I felt about the movie.
    I too am also itching to get back to the theater and awaken the force again. So funny, that scene where Finn runs into the settlement looking for water and has to share with the giant pig-beast. Thank you for notifying everyone of the PG-13 rating. Not enough film reviews these days warn their audience about the rating.

    Did you think Han Solo got a good death?
    "Sun Gun" I like it.

    1. Cool, thanks, yeah, it's really nice because the theater we went to see it at was only four dollars a ticket!
      Yeah, the new creatures and stuff are really cool, I think they should have had some of the more classic aliens though, I don't remember seeing a whole lot of them. Oh thanks, yeah, it is pretty clean, but I would recommend people checking out the plugged in review, it is a little more in-depth.

      Yeah, I think it was good, but having Rey and Finn there as well, with the door opening and making perfect dramatic lighting on the impractical un railed bridge was kind of overdramatic, but it was good, drama is good.Just not the best, but they could have done far, far, worse. I assume your pretty busy, but I was wondering if you would like to link up for a playing War Thunder sometime, I have some ideas for 1v1 custom battles, and I figured we could try some serious coordinated teamwork in regular battles. Also, what is the farthest tier you have reached? I have gotten up to 3 with my US planes and USSR tanks.

    2. I'm sorry, but I don't think I could play regularly with you on War Thunder. I just got a job with long hours and I don't actually play much. However my brother would probably really enjoy playing with you. You were commenting with him on my blog.

    3. Alright, yeah, that's fine, I'm pretty open, so just whenever he has the time I would like to coordinate it. I have played with a friend before, but we didn't really do any serious teamwork, just talking about the game mostly. I'll have to check with my parents, but that should work.

  4. STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!

    Great post! Absolutely, Rey was a great female character without being super annoying and bossy. I can't wait to see more of her! Oh, she definitely is Luke's daughter. Just wait and see.

    I loved her and Finn. And yes, I agree that their relationship was a lot better than Han and Leia's. It was nice, fresh. Respectful. Exciting, too. But without the arguing. I'm not saying I don't LIKE Han and Leia, but I think Rey and Finn were better together. They seemed to fit better, and so they could do things together well. You know what I mean?

    I love that Kylo Ren and the Storm troopers gif. I was giggling so much when that happened. I mean, he's 30 years old and still such a child! Just shows you that the Dark Side can't do everything for you.

    I was surprised when he killed his father, but I think it made sense. And since Harrison Ford's getting older, he probably couldn't be in the movies much longer and so it makes sense to give him a good death. And it was a good death, in my opinion, he died trying to save his son from the Dark Side. Like What Even. Three cheers for Han Solo!!!

    1. Yes, the new characters outdo any other flaws, they are great characters and they are what carries the story. Yeah, I think I know what your saying, Han and Leia still go together, but Rey and Finn are more natural and don't have to overcome each others personalities or whatever to like each other.

      I have to admit, I would be slashing up stuff if I was him, since I wouldn't have to pay for it!! ha ha. He is a really good villain though, with lots of internal conflict.

      Yeah, it was good, they had to. It was necessary. But it was pretty well done, could have been done VERY BADLY, it wasn't the best ever, but good overall.


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