Walker tanks and other artwork pt. 5

This week's vehicle is the MiG-10, a heavily armored "Shturmovik"  version of the classic MiG fighters. This vehicle is very heavily armed and armored, with a crew of three. Pilot, rear gunner/bombardier, and tail gunner. Frontal armament consists of  4x 23mm cannons and 2x 37mm cannons, plus 2x 20mm just in front of the windscreen. The rear is covered by the bombardier with a
combo of a 23mm cannon supplemented with two 12.7mm MGs (it says 7.62mm in the drawing, but 7.62s are useless, so I'm changing it). The tail gunner is situated in a small armored cockpit and is assigned two 30mm cannons. The MiG-10 can carry up to 10,000 lb of ordinance on the wings and in the bomb bay. Max. speed is 425mph.-Andrew


  1. Another cool drawing. Mig fighter turned Mig bomber. No doubt the Mig-10 is a fearsome aircraft. I'm guessing that it's role is ground support. Perhaps 13 different guns is a little much for a 3 man fighter? So many guns and armor plates will make even a jet slower, take up space and reduce max range and flight time. But I would hate to have this Mig strafing me:)
    Does this Mig have two tailfins?
    Can the Mig-10 carry extra fuel tanks?
    And does the Mig-10 have ejection seats?

    1. Ah, yes a new load of great questions (if I was designing stuff for real, it would be a good idea to show it to you, because you point out a lot of stuff!) Yeah, a real plane (even if it's Russian) wouldn't be armed like this, but yeah, it is definitely a close-support plane. It only has one tail fin, but that would be a neat design feature if it had two. It has ejector seats, except I'm not exactly sure how the tail gunner would bail out. I'm thinking maybe a hatch he has to climb out of, or a hatch that just opens beneath him and he drops out, or something more exotic like having the whole tail blow off with rockets then deploying a parachute. I suppose it could carry fuel tanks, it could still have plenty of space for bombs and what have you on the wings. It could be a more practical design if some of the armor was lightened, armament revised, and perhaps a different crew arrangement.


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