Walker tanks and other artwork pt.6

Today's WT is a Soviet X-26, basically just a four-legged version of the familiar Soviet T-26 light tank. It has four crew members, three in the turret and the driver sort of in between the hull and turret.
I'll say armor is about 60mm max (on the gun mantlet) but otherwise it only has about 30mm of armor elsewhere, on average. It has a 76mm gun with a coax 7.62mm MG, with 4x 12.7mm MGs two in the hull with another two on a AA mount on top of the turret. The purpose of the vehicle would be infantry support and general battling.-Andrew


  1. Very cool tank. What is the X-26's power source? How fast can it move? Overall this walker looks sleek and rugged, a bit like a scout of sorts.
    Are the leg joints vulnerable to damage? Do the AA machine guns have specialized sights?

    1. Hmm... well, there is not any space for an engine, considering that the canister beneath the turret is a hollow escape hatch (And engine didn't even occur to me while I was drawing it) I would thus modify the design, make most of the bottom filled with some sort of electric/hybrid generator system, probably. I will rate top speed at 12mph, and I would revise the joints so they are more solid and simplistic as to just being pieces of armor thus being their own protection. And I would add a standard AA-type sight to the 12.7mm. And yeah, it is kind of a like a overgrown scout.


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