Finished projects: Monogram 1/48th scale Sabre

Here is the first finished modelling project to be posted on my blog. The F-86 Sabre. I  made some flaws and took some shortcuts with this project so I would rate it as 4/10 and would label it "CB" (considerably botched). But it came out fairly well, and looks okay, generally speaking. I liked how the cockpit and pilot came out, the decals were pretty bad (since they were so aged) and I left out pretty much all of the small maintenance decals and some areas were left unpainted/unfinished.

And I learned a lot of good things during the course of building it.
(And I broke the landing gear about twenty stupid times).


  1. Let me tell you that if I attempted to do this it would come out looking like a lost job at a factory.

    1. Thanks, well you obviously have your skills when it comes to Lego though.


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