Lego U-boot

Here is a big lego Unterseebooten  I built. I went for size and interior detail rather than finesse as searching for fancy parts for the exterior would have just added a lot of time to the build due to my large unorganized collection.

radio station

controls and stuff, the black cape is a curtain covering the toilet

bunks and the torpedo room

crew member

controls again

I'm pretty sure this is the area under the conning tower

engine room

overall view

classic shot

the deck gun

prowling through the laminate-wood waters of the atlantic

i put a flashlight inside for this through-the-hatch shot

conning tower hatch

the completed boat


  1. That is some pretty impressive shaping! I'm also impressed by the size of the interior for the overall size of the ship. 10/10

    1. Thanks, yeah, actually I originally planned on making it bigger with a full crew of 72 minifigs, but those plans realistically downsized very quickly ha ha.

  2. Very nice U-boot. The flashlight-backlight pictures were a nice touch.

    1. Thanks, I have used that with other creations to make dramatic blue lighting effects and it was always pretty cool.


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