Modelling Projects: Hitch Hitchcock's JN4-D from Storming pt.1

No too long ago, I read the book, Storming by K.M. Weiland. I'm not here to talk about the book, so you can check out my sister's blog if you want to read a review of it. What I am here to talk about is a model I am making of the main character's aircraft in the book. A bright red JN4-D.

The kit is a Olimp 1/72nd scale JN-4H/JNS-1. I did not look hard for a JN4-D, since originally I though it was a JND-4. There is no such thing as a JND-4. And anyways a Jenny is a Jenny, so it didn't really matter which kit I got just as long as it is a Jenny. The kit is apparently made in Ukraine or somewhere "over there" and was quite inexpensive since I did not want to spend a whole lot of money on it. The result was a kit with tricky fit and poor instructions with even poorer translation. But it has paid off.
It came molded in white plastic and with confusing but useful alternate parts that will go in my spares box
Currently the kit is pretty near completion, but it has taken very long to get around to blogging about it. I used quite a bit of milliput putting it together in order to get rid of seams. It came out pretty well, not perfect, but better than if I didn't try filling the seams.
The yellow stuff is the milliput.

The biggest pain with this project was the struts on the wings.Oh gravy, those struts. The locating slots are not large enough for the struts to stay put once placed in them. There must be a good way to attach the struts but I didn't bother finding it. I tried sticking them on and balancing the wing on top but it just didn't work. Sooo I left 'em off. Simple problems with simple solutions.
This is the parts after being cemented and left to dry. The wing modification has not been carried out yet. (the badly painted BF-109 in the background is the very first kit of my collection, it is legendary)

Anyways, so even though some parts got left off, it still looks like a Jenny. I made a modification, because when reading the book, I discovered that they fitted the Jenny with two lower wings. Originally, the top wing would be longer, but for more performance (I'm not sure if you can do this in real life) they just kicked the top wing and replaced it with another bottom wing so the Jenny would have equal top and bottom wingspan. So I cut the wing and the ailerons in order to get them roughly equal to the bottom one. The kit is still not entirely accurate (in the book an illustration shows the Jenny with spoked wheels, the kit ones are solid) and of course, I don't know if it was ALL red or just some parts of it. But again, a red Jenny is a red Jenny.


  1. Oh, gravy. I WANT THE NEXT PART.

  2. So that's what the plane looked like! That looks really cool and like a lot of fun to put together :)

    1. Yeah it was a pain at times, but it is paying off now because I am painting it and it looks really cool.

    2. Je sais que, monsieur. My language is French - my sister's the German speaker :D


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