Unboxing a beast... the Monogram 1/48th scale B-17G

So here is the biggest model kit that has ever entered my house: The Monogram B-17G. This thing is HUGE, just the box itself is impressive. And fairly hefty too. Not very hefty, just a little. And it was only 32 dollars which is a great price, even though the kit is rather old (1975). But that has never really fazed me, the only real problem I have encountered is old decals and some brittle parts in the case of the 1/72nd scale Stug III I blogged about already.

The B-17 is the favorite of many WW2/aviation buffs, I could try to be original, but the B-17 is my favorite bomber, hands-down.

It is easily one of the most famous aircraft of all time as well as one of the best, carrying its crews through the bloody battlefields miles above western Europe. I saw a picture of a Fort that had gotten it's nose knocked off and still flew back home, a 30 cal machine gun hanging off the edge of the wreckage seemingly by a string. Also, back when I was a child, there was a B-17 that flew in at our local airport, I went inside it (I didn't fly in it) and I remember it roaring over my house and me and my dad watching it take off at the airport, and tracking it around our neighborhood on bikes. 
The enormous parts layout after washing (to get rid of mold release agents and stuff that could affect glue/paint adhesion)

Me staring at the enormous parts layout

I also remember seeing a B-24 fly over another house I lived in, flanked by a P-51, I think there was another plane with it, but I can't recall what kind.

It includes 5 figures as well, 3 mechanics and 2 aircrew. Like the Monogram F-86, it is molded in silver colored plastic. It also has quite a few clear parts, and some parts are molded in black.

Here is the cockpit/bombardier's section assembled and painted. I love how with big bombers the way you get to reconstruct and detail the interior.  


  1. That interior... I don't have words. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    1. Thanks, yeah, it is really cool, the big thing holding me up right now is that I don't have all the right paints, I'm not too concerned about getting all the colors right, but I want there to be enough color inside to make it look detailed and all that.

    2. Have you done a P-51 Mustang yet? Favourite plane of WWII.

    3. Yeah, my dad built one years ago. I want to build another though, (probably several actually). Yeah, I would say the P-51 is probably my favorite out of American fighters. If you're American it's just the American thing to do. Ha ha.

    4. I don't mean that in a condescending way, though since you are Canadian. I wrote that comment before I realized you were Canadian, ha ha


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