Civil Air Patrol: North SAREX pt.2

So we left the mission base and drove off to search. Our target was an 62 year-old woman with Alzheimers which is a realistic target, one you might encounter in real life. We drove through a park and a small development during this search. Early on, the "sterile cockpit" was initiated, meaning any non-mission critical dialogue would be restricted. After a drive through both locations, we went back to the park and dismounted for a foot search.

This was largely uneventful, but the northern US scenery is rather nice. After this, we then met up with the ground team that was working nearby. Our team was designated "Uniform 1" Uniform is the phonetic alphabet word for "U" which in our case would stand for UDF. The ground team was likewise known as Golf 1. After/during exchanging bits of intel (this actually does operate similarly to a military operation), we conducted an interview of the target's husband. Me and O'Brien handled this mostly, and fairly well. We did not ask the interviewee's sons though, since this was a simulation that didn't occur to me to ask them, and they did turn out to have valuable information.

A CAP ground team (UDF and GT look the same however)
After this we were informed that Golf 1 had "munchies", namely a big plastic jar filled with snacks. We got some of these then we remounted (after greedily stuffing my pockets) (later I regretted that I did not stash enough, believe it or not) and we got going. Not long after, we were informed that the search target had just been found by Golf 1. Dang it.  All this time, (and I knew this as soon as we met the interviewee) that the search target was our own squadron commander acting as the target, the interviewees being her actual husband and sons, a senior member and cadets in our squadron as well. There was the possibility I believe that there might not have been anyone to find, but if there was, it would be someone acting, not an actually lost person. In fact, she narrowly escaped getting spotted, she was literally hiding around the park.

She had a simulated twisted ankle, so me and O'Brien conducted site security of sorts, just standing at a distance so we could direct (simulated) news services and the like. And now for the next mission: a personal locator beacon that went off...

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