Modelling projects update

So, some of you may have noticed that I seem to have a difficult time keeping up with my posts, especially my modelling ones. So I decided to throw a bunch of my current projects into one post since some have gone on so long without me posting about them that they are nearly complete and some have had so little progress as to not be worth writing a separate post about.

The Stug III and M1 Abrams have progressed little and won't until I get tracks for them, which may be a very long while indeed. In the meantime, Hitch Hitchcock's Jenny and the B-17 have been a little more consistent.
For the Jenny, I made a tiny pilot figure out of milliput. note the white scarf. The brown is supposed to be leather flying clothes and the flesh colors are the face and hands.

The B-17 meanwhile has made enormous progress and is nearly finished.

I left out some parts and made shortcuts here and there. I have adopted a pretty lax attitude with modelling, not believing in spending inordinate amounts of time, money, and effort.
My Fort didn't come out perfectly, but very well, and I prefer it as it is rather than a perfect replica. It feels "classic" to me, where there are still seams and brush marks in a way showing how much work is behind the result.
You can see a shell case and if you look closely you might notice the "map" on the table in this shot. 

Taking an idea from the diorama booklet included in the kit, I added brass shell cases to the interior.
I took silver wire and inserted it into a wire stripper held against the floor. The floor made the wire only go so far and thus the shells were made with consistent length. I then painted them up with gold paint.
human hand for scale

I sprayed the top of the model silver but had to touch up many areas with bottle paint and I hand painted the bottom. Ton of brush marks but sure looks shiny! I botched some pieces but they don't detract much in my opinion. The kit has windows for the waist gunner positions but I thought that was something crews would remove for reasons of visibility and field of fire. Maybe that wasn't the case with the B-17G, but I took 'em off anyway and just mounted the point fiftys on the window sills.
Here is the almost-complete B-17 in comparison with other 1/48th scale models, the Tamiya P-51D and Monogram F-86 Sabre.
Close up of the engines. The B-17 had dirty engines so I tried to replicate that.

Notice the shell casings
USAAF officer standing next to the Fort.


  1. Nice! Can't wait to see that finished B-17. Any chance of closeups on the interior?

    1. Possibly, I'll have to get some light in there first off, I can't fit the camera inside, but the macro is pretty good.


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