Civil Air Patrol North SAREX pt.3

Okay, it had been a while but I am back to continuing the SAREX story. Now after a wild goose chase for the PLB that I so thrillingly left off with in the last post, we were retasked to find a a guy who went hunting and didn't come back. We found ourselves on private property (we had permission to use it beforehand) with quite a few acres of woods. We trudged about for a while and found nothing. I suggested simply calling the search target by voice and that did the trick very quickly.

In this situation we would render first aid and then contact 911 and then lead them to the site.
The victim had received a broken arm, from a fall if I recall correctly. Of course the injury was simulated. After that we then drove into town for lunch and received the typical confused looks from people who didn't know who these people are walking around in camouflage BDUs. We then swung back to mission base and did a vehicle inspection before being sent out for that pesky PLB we tried to find earlier. We got retasked again and found an ELT at a simulated crash site. For this simulation we actually had a old tail section from a plane for the site. So after this, the SAREX was over. The simulation aspect was cancelled and it was time to just wrap everything up.

We got back to mission base and everyone was debriefed. I only got to stay for one day, many other cadets would stay for the third day of the SAREX before going home. It was a great experience and a lot of fun, and SAREXs are easily one of my favorite CAP activities. Hope you enjoyed this post series and hope you will have similar experiences!


  1. Wow That sound like it was a ton of fun. CAP looks better and better all the time, But do to time constraints I don't think I will be able to Join up this summer, Which is unfortunate. But I will be joining up first chance I get. Thanks for doing these posts if it were not for you Id have forgotten all about CAP So thanks.

    1. Cool, great to hear it! Even if your schedule is tight you could still join though, I would be worried about missing out on activities though.

    2. And be sure to do so before you turn 18! (you could still become a Senior member)

    3. Yah I will Probably Join near the end of summer or early fall. Thanks for the tip.


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