Alright. So....

Well okay, all my big words about starting my blog back up again was just a lot of hot air. As some of my readers may know, I also run a YouTube channel. I have found this easier to update more regularly, more fun (at least in some ways, I still like writing) but much more popular. My current four followers: I appreciate you guys, but I learned that getting a blog like mine to catch on can be difficult. It is just for fun, but what's the fun if only a few close friends read it?

So anyways, frankly speaking, YouTube is my thing right now. I don't plan on deleting my blog or anything, and I may just get the whim and start posting again, but I'm not dead yet or raptured, so until that happens or I write a breakup letter to my own blog, "No Cuts No Buts No Coconuts" is still breathing... well, maybe hibernating... but at least not dead. Just so know.


  1. Hey thats totally cool, im glad you are enjoying YouTubing. Just a sidenote though if your looking for more followers one good way to get them is to comment on other blogs of a similar nature to your own. and leaving A little hey checkout my blog in your comment. Just an Idea :) (same with youtube channels actually)

  2. Hey man, I understand that. Sometimes you need a break to clear yourself.

  3. Thanks for your understanding and support! And thanks for the ideas Daniel. (this is in reply to both of you.)

  4. I understand your need to switch gears. I had to hibernate my blog when my job got intense and I may be able to revive it soon now that things are slowing down.
    I will have to check out your youtube channel. P.S. nice blog background.

  5. "I'm not dead yet or raptured..." XD

    And I had to laugh about how you described the blog as hibernating, but not dead.


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