2016... and the future.

Well. I guess you could say 2016 was a busy year. I heard a lot of people hated it apparently, but being a Christian, I know the world is going to go downhill anyhow, so frankly, the Russians and politics and everything else that has people up in arms doesn't concern me. I may have an opinion about them, but people texting and driving could get me worked up before most of the other issues.

I went to Civil Air Patrol encampment, promoted to Technical Sergeant, saw changes in my squadron, saw Rogue One (and loved it) and I guess you could say I did some pretty cool things this year. But I'm not exactly a lifestyle blogger. Life is boring sometimes, has hard spots, and generally is rarely perfect. But pretty good is quite great these days when people are shooting each other over bungled drive-through orders (don't know of a specific instance, I'm just assuming it has happened). My YouTube channel has been going well in my opinion and I hope to get a little more blogging done here. Honestly, I have several weeks’ worth of videos sitting on my computer, so keeping up with YouTube is quite easy.

Blogger? A little different story. Thanks to all my followers who have stuck around. Hopefully I can keep this ship on course. And Daniel, I still don't know what you mean when you refer to widescreen users. If you know how to fix the resolution, tell me, and I’ll try. And I plan on probably doing another blog makeover soon, because, frankly, it does not look very good right now, despite the cool header that isn't even centered. So to the future. If God has it in store for us.


  1. Hey Andrew
    Had an awesome day at work and thought I would say hi.
    I had a very busy year and hardly got any blogging done myself so don't feel bad.
    I was promoted this year also, from corpsmember to safety specialist.
    Hope you publish more of your artwork soon

    1. Cool, glad to hear it! Yeah, I know how easy it is to let blogging get away! What is your job? And yeah, I plan to get those out within a reasonable (hopefully) time frame.


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