Art Post: The Henschel Hs-329 ground attacker

Today's artwork is a fictional WWII German ground attack aircraft, the Hs-329. Introduced in 1943, it was conceived as a faster, more capable aircraft that could better survive combat operations than the earlier Ju-87 Stuka dive bomber.
It excelled at high speed ground attack and tank-busting, and could occasionally give account for itself when faced with fighters.
The Stuka was still superior for dive-bombing however, and despite being reasonably successful, the Hs-329 failed to replace the Ju-87 Stuka in numbers or effect.

Tech Specs:
Crew: 1
Powerplant: Jumo radial
Max speed: 310mph
2x 7.92mm machine guns, 2x 20mm cannons, two 37mm cannons (optional)
2,000 lb of bombs and four 180mm rockets max ordinance load (including 37mm cannons)


  1. Very nice drawing. This plane looks pretty plausible. The 37mm canons seem to be overkill, carrying the ammo for three different kinds of guns would limit my payload, not to mention my fuel range. Looking forward to future posts.

    1. Yeah, that is true. High caliber weapons are hard to aim anyways unless they fire down the center axis instead of from each wing.


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