Art posts: A sneak peek

Hi? Do you remember me? *Sheepish grin* well, hopefully I can post more. But I shouldn't promise anything. Happy New Year though. And Merry Christmas (though it is a little bit late for me to say that). *Twiddles thumbs* Ok.


  1. A teaser? now that is just cruel. Glad you could post again. I am working on that story about sci-fi eskimos, working title "Iceshredder" but the holidays got in the way. Hope to finish and post it soon. Happy New Year.

    Now post that picture so that I can critique it! :)
    Link to some interesting music.

    1. Cool. Hope it is going well! I have some projects too and besides the art I think I will be posting some writing. Thanks for the music. Happy New Year to you as well.


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