Little sketches

M4/Hybrid assault rifle

Cool logo that I don't have a use for right now

In Rogue One, some of the Rebel commando helmets are based after American M1 helmets.
Here is a German helmet converted to the RO style

RO-inspired blaster pistol

This is like a mix between a Clone trooper and a Death Trooper


cumbersome-looking mech

Star Wars blaster pistol with a bayonet

Hybrid assault rifle 

AK-inspired gun

Meteor-like British fighter

Wacky dieselpunk kind of plane

Another Rogue One helmet

Sci-Fi battle rifle


  1. Some really good materiel here. So this is what you do instead of your math work :)
    My favorite sketches are the rogue one helmets. I really liked the costumes from rogue one, especially the rebel uniforms. 17.5 + 17.3= 34.8 and a cool assault rifle.
    Your mech is actually pretty feasible, with reversed legs for absorbing the shock of falls. The boxes/missile launchers? in the back make balancing difficult.
    The bayonet pistol seems like a bad idea because the blade does not go past the muzzle, but if it was more of a sword for slashing it would totally work. I liked your clone/death trooper helmet also.

    1. Ha ha. Funny that you noticed that.
      Yes, I loved Rogue One. I think it was neat that they gave a better representation of what the Rebel troopers normally wore (granted they were more like commandos) but the previous Rebel troops (Hoth, Endor and the Tantive Four) seemed to have uniforms that were unique to the particular mission or climate. Glad you liked them!

      The mech is not the best. I have quite a few designs for mechs, and I must say IMO that almost every other one is better than that one. I think I intended the rack to be a communications kind of thing but I wasn't putting that much thought into it.

      Yeah, the blaster bayonet could be more like a close range slashing weapon.
      And thanks, I thought the helmet was pretty good.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I think my brother would like you. He's an artist as well.


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