Back to the long-lost world of blogging and real-life

So hello everybody. I haven't been publishing much. But now I plan (not promise, mind you) to be a bit more active here, since I have taken a indefinite and extended hiatus from my YouTube channel.

As I try to get my blog rolling (better than ever before, I plan) I will catch you up on what I've been doing, and introduce myself (something that I haven't done in much detail up to this point).

My name is Andrew and I am a teenaged guy living in the United States. I am a born-again Christian who is sinner saved by the grace of Christ. I have a long ways to go in learning all that God has for me, but I hope that I can be a positive witness for Him in this life, and on this blog.

In terms of what I do for a laugh (i.e. my hobbies) I've never been really athletic. I've never played football or baseball or any conventional sports. Being homeschooled probably had a hand in that, and it's not that I wouldn't like to try some sports, but it's something I've never had a lasting interest in, and not something easily available to me.

My interest in sports often centered in obscure, niche, (or downright bizarre) sports like airsoft, paintball, and Creative Anachronism (picture people reenacting battles akin to The Lord of The Rings). None of these took off for me (my recollections of paintball and airsoft recall mostly memories of pain and wasted money) but they are still things that hold interest for me.

I became involved in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) about year and a half ago. The CAP is the civilian auxiliary component of the Air Force, and has a cadet program. I don't wish to get into the complex and creativity-draining conversation of what CAP is right now, but it is basically a military-style program, where you dress in a uniform, learn stuff (some cool, some boring) and do stuff (some boring, some downright amazing) and generally have a great time amidst blood, sweat, and tears. And it is worth it.
But that's all I'll say on it now.

Meanwhile, I am a military buff (my dad and I watching war movies together is a prominent childhood memory) and I like creative stuff like writing, art, and film.

Legos were a HUGE interest for several years of my life (I still have a vast number of Legos) and even though that interest died out, I believe the benefit of playing with those was very valuable. My sister and I acted out stories with minifigures and built bases for them to reside in. Another interest, Star Wars, was often the subject. Playing with Legos, building with Legos, and making videos with Legos, I think, contributed towards giving me a childhood marked by lots of creativity.

Anways, so movies and other forms of visual art has always appealed to me. It's definitely on the list of careers I would think about pursuing, such as graphic or industrial design, filmmaking, or drones (but not on a very technical level).

I'm not a big reader (most of my literature consists of large books about military arms) but that is something I wish to fix in this year. I have not written any books so to speak (except for a first draft on a book about airsoft, non-fiction) but I have an interest in getting good at writing and developing full-length books.

My goal in writing is not because I particularly adore storytelling or feel that I have some compelling legacy to spout off to the world, but mostly because it allows me to give life to worlds that I dream of as influenced by movies, video games, and concept art. These strong visual themes, I suppose, could be imagined as being thrown in to a large melting pot. All these elements (objects, characters, setting, atmospheric and emotional moods and tones) I guess you could say, mix and get combined and then are developed, more or less, into worlds with something that smells slightly of originality.

I also have an interest in cars, something that I never had up til recently. I don't drive yet; in fact, I elected to get a good bicycle instead of having my parents spend a comparatively similar amount of money on driver's ed. And I am a firm believer that the government, formal schooling, and money, are not needed to teach me how to pilot a moving vehicle.

Back in the good (for the most part) 'ol days when things were judged much more logically, you just got in the car with your parent, they showed you how to use the stick-shift, told you not to hit other cars, and not to hold a beer bottle with one hand and the wheel with the other. Straightforward and simple. Either your responsible or your not. Your parents teach you that, not your driver's ed teacher. But I'm getting way too off topic here. Point is, I don't drive. Yet. And that I cycle, and would like to get more involved with it.

Even though I am running this blog, I don't use the internet nearly as much as I used to in the recent past. And one of the things I wish to glean from that reality is getting a lot more from real life. And maybe even discovering some lost arts. Maybe.

So I hope this late introduction gives you a good idea of what I'm into and thus, what to expect on this blog. Thanks for reading, and don't expect every post to be this long.


  1. Well I know I haven't been writing any blog posts lately and that has a lot to do with what you're talking about, going back to real life and stepping away from the computer a bit. I got a job and because of that I'm getting back into a lot of my old hobbies more.

  2. That's great. I am trying to get a job this year. What's yours? It's amazing how much time we spend on our computers yet how little they return in terms of actual benefits.

    1. I got a great job working at a tree farm. It's not all summer though so I'm hoping to get something once I finish where I am.

  3. "In terms of what I do for a laugh (i.e. my hobbies)" That actually made me LOL.

    Bizarre is the word.

    "Pain and wasted money." xD

    Obviously watching war movies with dad must be a prominent memory, since you felt compelled to mention it.

    *gasp* Could this be? I was mentioned on your blog!?!? *dies*

    Yay for books!!! By the end of this year you'll be reading Les Mis. (jk)

    Hmm, lost arts. You should bring back play-doh. :P

    Great post; I'm your biggest fan; gotta go now.

    PS. I'm sorry if this comment is annoying, I have way to much fun leaving troll comments. :P

  4. Nice to know more about you. Now I feel that we actually have a lot in common. Military history books, lack of sports experience, homeschooling and an interest in writing are all something I have done also.
    I checked out Creative Anachronism and It seems like a cool concept, did you enjoy doing it?
    Just got my drivers liscence a few months ago. Still not comfortable on the highway.
    I hope that you will publish some of your writing efforts on this blog. I like to read your articles.

  5. Yeah, it does sound like we have a pretty common pool of interests. I never actually did SCA, it is around where I'm at, but I have never gone to see any of it or partake.

    Yeah, I will probably wait til I'm 18 because then it's cheaper and takes less work. An upcoming post deals with that a bit. (if I remember correctly).

    Yes, hopefully I can. I write bits and pieces, and publishing some of that might encourage me to focus on particular ideas and making them full-length.


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