Random Cool Things lately

Random cool things lately:

Helped to build a waterline at my church and did minor maintenance work with my friends.

Was bicycling and happened across the local shotgun club, got to watch the high school team practice skeet shooting.

Spotted a nice Pontiac GTO in the wild. I don't know which year though, I'm still fairly illiterate with cars.

Used an edge trimmer and hit the edge of the sidewalk by accident, with a few sparks as a result. That thing was a bit of a pain.

Spotted a Dodge Challenger in the wild sporting a nice purple paint job. (I've seen Challengers before, but not purple ones).

Dropped a WHOLE piece of pizza onto dirty pavement, and decided not to eat it.

There are chipmunks where I live.

Watched Thor for the first time and really liked it.

I have an air conditioner sitting in my room doing nothing.

As I watched the skeet shooting I realized  that one sweep of a shotgun in the wrong direction could nail me.

Awkwardly waited around for the shooters to get out of the building so they could start shooting.

Broke the wristband on my watch and now I use it as a pocket watch.

Okay I'm done. 


  1. You have been pretty busy. I just finished a day of 101 degree weather, lopping blackberry bushes on the side of a hill and drinking a ton of water, at least a gallon. And I am slated to do the same thing tommorow, etc.
    I have been thinking of buying a shotgun soon, that or a high caliber rifle. I recently got new tires for my jeep, 'cause it needed it.
    Glad you liked thor. It is a pretty good movie. My only gripe is the shortage of real fights from asgard. Wouldn't it have been great if Loki had sent some bounty hunters of assassins or something after Thor?
    Our air conditioner is running a lot in this 100+ degree heat.
    A while ago I Broke my watchband and so it is a pocketwatch now too. I need to fix that soon, throw it on the pile.

    1. Wow, sounds tough.
      I'd like to buy an AK or AR. If I get a job. You have a jeep? That's cool. We were actually looking into Jeeps, but they were too expensive (The nice, low-mileage ones anyway, I would have settled for a rust bucket).

      Yeah, that would have been a cool idea, I thought the destroyer was pretty cool, but a bit dumb at the same time.

      We brought up our air conditioners from the basement and installed a few, but then the weather turned cool again.

      I plan on getting a new one with a velcro band. should last longer and then I won't be trapped between two notches where ones just a teeny bit too loose and the other a bit too tight.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. There are chipmunks where I live, too.


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