What I've been up to (such a cliche post title ergh)

So here's some things that I've been up to in the current times. I'm going to categorize it in terms of the good and the bad, so this should be reasonably entertaining.

The Good:

I am looking into getting a part-time job as a drone pilot for an aerial photography company; still waiting for the next step, which would be a sit-down discussion with the guys running it and the next steps from there (getting a commercial drone pilot's license for example).

I watched Captain Phillips on ClearPlay. It was a great movie and one of the most realistic I have ever seen in the way it portrays real-life stress and emergencies. (ClearPlay is a service that allows you to filter out objectionable content from movies, my family has been using it a lot, and it is pretty good, but some things slip through. The filter menu is poorly explained, so that is partly culprit. Basically, just beware that it isn't perfect).

I started blogging again!

I'm reading Amazing Grace, the biography of William Wilberforce (the film by the same title, also about Wilberforce, is superb).

I've been making new friends at my new church.

I plan on going to Civil Air Patrol encampment this year (again). Last year I went for the first time and it was one of the toughest experiences of my life, but also one of the most fun. The cons are so bad but the pros are so good!

I am watching Treasure Planet, an old Disney animated film that is so early 2000's that it is wonderfully nostalgic and just a teeny bit nauseating. It has it's weird parts, but overall it is very good. I have not watched it before so it was either going to be a lost goodie, or one of those movies Disney doesn't talk about. Turns out to be the former thus so far.

Filming a subpar Rocky-inspired workout montage in my basement.

Investigating intrusions on my property like a (subpar) game warden. finding boot prints, finding the spot where "they" entered the property, and looking at a beer bottle's "fresh by" label to determine if it belonged to "them" (I think it did).

The Bad:

I took two strips of wood and set them on top of spaced cinder blocks. I then stomped my foot down to break them in half, and the pieces wacked me in the side of the head. Wish I'd been filming that one.

I vacuumed my room with the hose connected wrong. So it didn't actually vacuum.

The rivers in my area backed up with sewage a while ago, so I am leery about whether they are safe now, which conflicts with my idea of getting a rubber boat. (would have been a kayak if they weren't so hard to move and if they weren't too expensive for someone without a job like me).

Algebra 2 (self explanatory).

I'm not exercising like I should.

So that is it for now. Catch you next time.


  1. Nice to know what you've been up to lately. I should probably make one of these summaries and post it.
    To bad Vidangel (kinda like clearplay) got shut down by a lawsuit.
    I am working on getting my Class B drivers license so that I can supergrade to crew leader.
    Two days ago I got to go with some other corpsmembers to the Oroville dam and sandbag the massive spillway that was damaged by a flood. I am fighting a dozen health drawbacks and deadlines, but I will get back on my feet soon, God willing.

    Sounds like you have been having a great time. Hope that you can post again soon.

    1. Yeah, I wish Vidangel worked, because they stream The Martian and I really want to see that (Clearplay doesn't).

      What is your job? I thought I asked this before but I can't remember what you told me. Sounds super cool though.

      Thanks for the comment, it's good to hear from you!

    2. Hey, if you want a good source of uncopyrighted music checkout Derek and Brandon Fietcher on youtube. Just ask in the comments and they will give you permission to use their music in your movies.

      I have been working as a corpsmember in the California Conservation Corps for the past year and a half. I recently promoted to Safety specialist. If you are looking for a steady job that involves the outdoors and improving the enviroment you might look into a Conservation Corps in your state. (Oh and you get to wear a uniform.)

    3. Thanks for the suggestion.

      That's sounds pretty cool. I'm not a huge outdoors guy (whiny aversion to manual labor) but still interesting. That's great you got promoted. "Specialist" always looks cool. "Specialist sniper" "technician specialist" "Special specialist" not making fun, just kidding, that is cool.

  2. Well at least you're exercising somewhat. Sounds like you're having fun though and I'd like to see that workout vid. I'm a bit obsessed with fitness.

    1. Yeah, I'm trying. Watching Rocky I-IV, The Navy SeALs in Captain Phillips, and the fact that encampment is coming up are all pretty good motivators. The weather is getting warmer so that helps too.

      I plan on using copy-righted music in the video (I'm paranoid about the legality and ethics part of it) but I might post it unlisted on my channel and I could get you the link. It may be a while though I still have to edit it.

      And I guess if you're going be obsessed with something, fitness is better than a lot of things!

    2. I want to watch the Rocky series. I really like boxing. As to being into fitness, my sisters get mad with me when I talk about it all the time.

    3. Yeah, we watched them on ClearPlay. They are really good. My favorite would be the second one actually. Your sisters sound like mine. I always talk about drones and airsoft and other cool ideas and I just need to share them even though she totally doesn't care.

      I would like to get into MA of some kind, but I'm not sure if that would work out. I might do some research though and see if there is something I'd like to try.


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