My knife collection

I bought a new knife. It is the Guidesman Stem, a very small knife in the ten dollar range.

I already have four knives, a Victorinox Officier Suisse, which is a model from the famous "Swiss Army Knife" family. Its quality is very good, and it has a nice selection of tools, though there are some that I use very rarely and could do without.

Then I have my "Rambo" knife, an eight-inch sword with a hollow grip for a survival kit. It also has a built-in compass in the pommel cap. I do not use it very often, and the scabbard that came with it was garbage (the knife literally cut the scabbard apart) and so it is hard to carry.

But for goofing around it isn't bad, being very cheap and reasonably useful at that.

I also have a knife that I got from a garage sale and it is so cheap I'm not going to waste the time given me on this earth writing more about it.
My best knife (other than the SAK) is the Kershaw Lifter. I got this on sale for about half the retail price and it is very cool.
It has a very macho finish, and is military/street fighter in its looks and design.

It has an assisted opening which is very fast, and the blade has a Tanto-style point. I chose this knife because I wanted one for self-defense. Okay, that and looking super cool carrying it. But anyways, the tanto is a good blade type, because it is designed for penetration. The Chinese invented it for piercing metal body armor.

So an assisted opening knife with a tanto point and 3 and 1/2 inch blade is pretty fearsome.
However, upon researching my state's knife laws, it seemed my knife was questionable.

Now I realize that most weapon laws are absurd, but my main concern is obeying God's Word in regard to obeying the law.
Where that ends (for example, obeying the letter of the law, or using common sense) is something I'm still not sure on, but that's a topic in itself.

Long story short, I just keep that weapon in my room for the most part. Also, it is worth noting, that knives really are not optimal self-defense weapons. Basically anything that is longer than a knife and strong enough to mess someone up if  (i.e. crowbar, 2x4, sturdy broom handle) than that weapon trumps the knife.
That's why cops in the UK carry batons. Because even Joe Mcdoe with a knife and a bellyful of beer is no match against Constable Thornton and his oaken nightstick.

But I still think knives have some value. Small knives can be gripped in the hand like a Wolverine claw and then used in a punching manner. If aimed at the face and neck, this would probably be doing considerable damage. In the movie Captain Phillips (2013) a Somali pirate gets his hand cut trying to guard himself from a sailor with a knife.

I don't know if that incident happened in real life or just the movie (one must be extremely cautious about taking any combat advice from Hollywood) but it seems like a realistic scenario. An unarmed predator is probably going to rethink his approach about physically assaulting anyone if they are holding a sharp object in their hand.

But I'm getting off track. So I bought the Guidesman Stem as a fashion statement and as a tool. Self-defense still factors into the equation, but not as much as the other two factors.

Being so much smaller than the Lifter, even if it technically broke some laws or was legally dubious depending on whatever situation, it is at least much less threatening and alarming, and wouldn't brand me as a hardened street criminal.
It also has a camo finish which definitely gives the knife a "hunter" look which is probably the least likely to alarm anyone. The only thing less scary would probably be a knife with a wooden handle and brass plating.

The blade came fairly sharp out of the box and if I remember correctly, it is 2 and 1/2 inches long.

I find the thumb switch tricky to use, and it is much easier to simply open the knife with two hands. The blade is tight in the housing, and it definitely doesn't flick open with any amount of swiftness. The blade locking mechanism is a bit rough and the whole knife is not built to very high standards of precision. But it is cheap, and I like it a lot.

 I've had times where the locking mechanism didn't click into place, but it is hard to say how often that happens and it doesn't really bug me personally.

The real problem I have with it is that the pocket clip is very, very, tight. I have been trying to get the metal limbered up, but it hasn't really worked so far. So it is really hard to clip it on your pocket. Update: I bent the clip (at the bolts holding it in, actually) and I have generally loosened everything up. A bit rough, but now it works.

It is very comfortable for everyday carry, being so small and light.

So that is my review. I have never really done an EDC, but since the Stem is so small and light I have been able to comfortably carry it pretty much all the time.


  1. Pretty cool, you sound like my brother, he has quite a few knifes. Guess knifes are like tie's. One for every occasion. I agree that any solid object longer than a knife gives a better edge in a fight. Cool info about the tanto, didn't know that. My favorite self defense weapon are the Tonfa. Never used them but They seem really effective.

    1. One for every occasion. Oh yes totally. I just looked up the tonfa (never heard of it before) and those look seriously cool. But also really simple. I think it is neat how nonthreatening they appear, with no metal or blade. Would probably be a good weapon to keep in a car.


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