Tag: The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Please take note that I did not come up with that decidedly unmanly title.

According to the rules of this tag, you have to answer 11 questions (on your own blog) and then "tag" (I would prefer the word "poke" because its funnier) 11 other bloggers to do the same. I'm answering the questions, but I am not bothering to tag 11 other bloggers. Maybe one or two, but that's it.

Anyways, let's get to it.

1. You are stranded on an island, and it's guaranteed you won't be rescued for a whole year. You have only one book and one CD (along with the means to listen to it). Which book and CD would you have, and why?

The means to listen to it? I take it you mean a solar-powered disc player? I'm being funny, but that actually makes a lot of sense on a island with lots of sun. We are talking about a classic tropical island, right? The kind you get stranded on in the movies? Part of me would want "Tropical Depression" by Alan Jackson  playing 24/7 but that would be a bit rediculous. I would probably take a CD of classical music. Not my usual kind of jams, but if I'm going to be there for a year, I don't want any lyrical songs getting stuck in my head and getting old. Classical music doesn't seem real catchy and it's supposed to make you smart, so I wouldn't want to lose all my brains cells by listening to 80's rock or country for a whole year straight.

For a book, I would take a New Testament Bible. But since that is an obvious choice and since we're only talking hypotheticals, I would take a big thick book about martial arts.

I would train myself.

 I would train day and night. I would crush seashells with my bare feet and wrap them with bandages, using the blood to lure sharks into the reef, where I would spearfish them and eat them for dinner. I would beat coconut trees with my bare palms, hardening them with calluses you could strip paint with.
I would make necklaces of shark teeth and call myself the "Samurai of the fin". I would would work up an eight-pack and karate-chop coconuts with one hand, roughly equalivant to the action of breaking someone's skull. And then when Nick Fury and the U.S. Navy rescue me, I would go to Russia and enact my revenge on the Soviet frogmen who sunk my boat.

Yes my friends, that is what I would do.

2. What's your opinion on ghostwriting?
I daresay I can't say. I don't know. Ghostwriting is where someone writes and someone else takes the credit, right? If that's the case, I think that is stupid.

3. Have you ever had an experience that deeply influenced your art?

Hmm... let me think. I can't really recall a single big event that dramatically influenced my art.

I drew pictures from a early age, and I have pretty much always been doing that sort of thing. But it probably wasn't until a few years ago, (or maybe several) that I have really recognized my art as something I'm good at and something that I want to keep on doing.

Video games, movies, and concept art are my main sources of inspiration. Being able to draw well is a great blessing, because I can take concepts and images from my mind and translate them onto paper. I don't have the money to make video games and movies, but with good drawing, much of that visual information and those ideas can still take physical form in a compelling and dramatic way.
And it hardly costs anything.

I do pretty much everything in pencil, but if I was to pursue art as a career, I would probably want to learn how to make really great concept art with other mediums.

4. If you had to perform in a play, which one would it be?

Play or musical? You have to be more specific. I guess I would be a French policeman in Phantom of the Opera.

5. Which book have you read recently that resonated with you long after you finished reading?

What is with these questions? How can I tell if a book has resonated with me long after reading it, if it is one that I read recently? Gosh. Well, I always thought "The Last Mission" By Henry Mazer was a really good book. It had some serious issues in terms of bad language and a few other things, but it was well-written and the ending was quite good.

6. Would you volunteer to join a space mission in which you would attempt to create a Mars colony?
Why or why not?

 Yes, I totally would go. Whether I would actually contribute to creating the colony... uh... that would probably depend on who you asked.I would vlog the whole thing, suggest cool stuff to build like a movie theater and gaming rooms, and probably do simple tasks like moving parcels of food, tool packs, and other supplies around the base. I would be like the gopher for everybody. and I would take samples of the soil and bottle it as souvenirs, and I would go off exploring every chance I got. And I would have a dance party and make sure that I am the first person to do the Macarena on Mars.

I assume that I wouldn't have the scientific skills to do a whole lot of technical stuff, but I would like to be the mediator whenever it came to arguments and discussions among the crew. If I could understand the situation, I would love giving advice.

7. If you could choose any book to be made into a movie, which book would you pick?
Honestly, I don't read that many books. *UPROAR
But, hmm... let me see here. Nothing's jumping out at me. If I had to pick... I'll say The Methuselah Project by Rick Barry. I'm not dying for it to be made into a movie, but I really liked the book, and it would be an okay movie. But that's pretty much just because I can't come up with anything better.

8. What would you do if video games were the only creative outlet in the world?
I would be ok with that. But this question lacks some plausibility: How can I create video games without writing scripts and drawing concept art and composing music for the soundtrack? Whoever wrote this question apparently didn't realize that video games are a creation composed of many forms of art.

But suspending those issues, I would start a video game studio, whip together a team, and start developing video games by the dozens.

WWII First Person Shooters, WWI First Person Shooters (basically clean versions of COD and Battlefield, with no language and blood) a range of tank simulators spanning from WWI to Modern,
FPS games covering Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. They would be like COD and stuff, but some would be more focused on historical accuracy, while others would be more COD-tacticool style.

I would also want to do a lot of post-apocalyptic and sci-fi projects as well.

And I would put a lot of effort into developing VR games, too. A WWI VR game, tank simulators, (which would be very cool, because you could look around the entire interior and load shells and manipulate controls with your hands), An Iron Man suit simulator, a medieval combat game, (picture using a sword and shield with VR controls) and more.

In other words, I have a lot of ideas, and that would be a very cool job to have...

9. You get a package in the mail with enough money to travel anywhere and vacation for a month. Where would you go?

I would go to Germany. I would stay at a really cool Bavarian-style hotel, which would be in the country, but within easy reach of all the major cities. I would rent a very nice German sports convertible, with a bright red paint scheme. Part of me would want a classic, but a sleek modern car would be nice too. Not to mention it's hard to choose between Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes. No offense to Audi. And I would get a bike to strap to the back, because I would want to cycle around too.

I would want to go to Berlin and other big cities, the Panzer museum, sites of WWII significance, and a lot of fancy restaurants. Plus, I would really want to take in the night life, provided that it isn't too crazy.

And I would like to spend a lot of time in the country and farmside too. And probably a little time just exploring the woods as well. Given that I would be there for a month, I should have plenty of time to do all that. Good thing I got Rosetta Stone German, looks like I am going to need it.

10. In your opinion (educated or otherwise), what do you think would happen if a world government was established?

It would take a lot of work for one thing. But overall it is difficult to answer, actually. I suppose an effort would be placed on creating and phasing in a common language (which would take several generations, if God even allowed it), and I suppose efforts toward disarmament would be started. And individual cultures would still exist within the entire culture, but culture as we know it would probably change dramatically. But it seems like the whole thing would be such a tall, teetering tower of politics,that it is hard to say if it could even be pulled off in theory.

But if it did get pulled off,I guess the short answer is that the whole world would become a post-modernist dystopia ("utopia" in the eyes of liberals) where every single boundary and moral anchor would be cast aside in the  name of "logic and tolerance".

It is kind of an interesting story premise.

11. You're about to get a song stuck in your head for a whole week. Which song is it, and why?

Well a week is a long time. But not that long. If it had to be for the rest of my life... well, then I would think much more carefully about my answer. I'm going to go with YMCA by The Village People. It's upbeat, (so hopefully it wouldn't negatively affect my mood) it's from the 80's, (a good reason in itself), and I like it. Don't worry, I'm not homosexual.

And now for the questions I need to come up with. Oh boy.

1. What would you do if you got a date with your celebrity crush?

2. Which do you like better: Science fiction or medieval/fantasy?

3. If you could rewrite history and take the place of a person who fulfilled a monumental historical event which would you choose?
(For example, if you chose the moon landing and you took the first steps on the moon instead of Neil Armstrong).

4. If you could choose your death, what would it look like?
(who would be there, last words, cause of death, etc.) You know, kicking the bucket in style.

5. If you could replace today's fashion with fashion from another time period, which would it be?

 6. Most embarrassing song that you like? Be honest.                                                                                                                                                      
7. A fictional character you would want as a sibling?

8.  Do you prefer movies or books?

9. If you could take one of your own story ideas and make it into a movie, which would it be?

10.What is a talent/skill that you don't have but would like to have?

11. Would you rather be a famous musician or a world-renowned sports star, and what would your music genre/sport be?

Okay that's it! Hopefully those are good questions. Shout-out to Josiah Dyck at The Steadfast Pen for doing this tag. If he didn't do the tag, I wouldn't have found out about it. And his good questions are what tempted me to do the tag in the first place.

Have fun kiddos!


  1. You get the best answer award for the desert island question. xD


    You need to stop showing me your posts before you publish them so then I can comment with my first impressions. :P

    PS. I might do your tag.

  2. Ayyy - 80s music! Oh can I do your tag? I'd link it back to your blog of course.

    1. That would be awesome! Anybody who wants to do it can just do it, they just need to comment so that I know where to read their post. Thanks, I look forward to reading it!

    2. I just came back from a road trip, and I listened to YMCA a lot. Still sounds good.

    3. YMCA, good choice.

      Aye and here's the link for the tag. I had fun doing it, thanks a lot :)


  3. Rats, I didn't get tagged. I need something to push me to blog more and write more. Oh, well. I am really busy anyways. Great tag answers. I can't belive that you could not find a book to be made into a movie. Interesting response to the One World Government question.

  4. you wanna be tagged? It's open for anybody who wants to. If you got the time, you're tagged.

    Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. I need to read more books!

    I'm glad you liked my answers, it was a fun post!


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