Tasty toxic marshmelllows

Let's make a bonfire. For our stuff!

Make it big, make it hot, make it last a long time.

The kind of  bonfire that I'm calling for is one that gets rid of our junk. Our dead weight, our hoard, our crudola.
The junk, the refuse, the STUFF, that just keeps piling up.

Have you ever been to a garage sale? Sometimes you can find a decent sale with some diamonds in the rough (like $75 gaming headphones for four bucks) or you come across one of those clunker trash-sales, disgusting piles composed of ratty clothes, cheesy 90s movies on VHS and mildewy baby toys.

Don't even ask me where that stuff has been.

People (including myself, I'm not gonna lie) have a habit of accumulating things.
But how much is too much? Well, when it is gathering mold in your garage, you're probably a little farther than close.
The point is that we all have too much stuff, and too much of that stuff, is junk!

Why is this? Well, there is a lot of reasons. All of man's problems come from sin. So asking why is a really simple question to answer. Sin. Greed. Laziness. Idolatry.

But I will give some secular reasons as well.

America has not fought a serious, civilian-affecting war since WWII. In all conflicts large and small the loss of life is devastating, and the economy can be hurt, but since WWII, we have never faced anything that threatened the homefront, or caused serious cuts in the average family's budget.

We are still making huge, gas-guzzling cars, pretty much everyone and their five-year-old nephew have a smartphone, and food is produced in a overwhelming amount. I would assume that we would have plenty of food in the US, even if we divvied up 2/3rds of it to other countries.

Starving people in America are most likely due to people who can't (or worse, won't) get jobs, and other people who are limited by peculiar circumstances. But I don't think it has anything to do with the amount of food, but simply where it is going.

So I was getting a little off-track. But the point is that America is so peaceful, pampered, and plush, that we are completely free to pursue the acquirement of material possessions. #Greed

The result? Disgusting, filthy hovels crammed to bursting with junk.

Garages filled with random items, clothes, movies, TVs, bins of toys, you name it. Not to mention the three rust-bucket Pontiacs on the driveway.

What has America come too?

So why don't we fix it? Why instead of the endless cycle of garage sales and Goodwill stores, why can't we just burn the junk? I know this is asking a useless question. This whole post is just a complaint against American society, really.

But we can at least take something positive and applicable from this. Look at your stuff. Do you need it? Do you use it? Does it provide enjoyment? Is it an asset or just baggage?

Useful tools, or useless gizmos? Fun toys or wasted money? I spent $104 on a R/C tank and it is one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I rarely ever use it. Just talking about it makes me sad, in fact.

But sometimes you've got to admit you've made a mistake and cut the extra weight loose. I bought a camelbak and I never got the water to taste good. And I never really used it for anything. I got rid of that. I still got the tank, but that's beside the point.

And finally, when you do get rid of something, how are you going to do it? Are you going to pass it off to somebody else or will you burn it?

Sometimes burning is the right answer. I didn't burn the camelbak, but that's beside the point.

Anyways, I'm done. I'm out.


  1. Nice rant. Just today I was reminded of this truth, that we keep what we do not need. I am somewhat guilty of this. Most of my "Stuff" is paper, ideas, stories and dynamics that I have accumulated over the years. Really I would be better off to burn it all and move on. You have certainly inspired me to try.

    1. I certainly know how that feels. I would be careful about burning ideas though. I like to write my notes on the computer, copy from hard notes and then destroy those. It doesn't really clutter on a computer.

  2. Like the anger. I feel like this a lot. And I am planning a purge sooner rather than later.

  3. I've been away on study abroad, but I'm back now & wanted to tell you I think it's really cool what you're doing with your blog. I started my own blog too, as a matter of fact. :P

    1. Cool, where did you go? Thanks, I like it a lot better this way, it was starting to look like a mess! Yeah, I knew that already because of my sister. I need to take a look at it sometime.
      I hope it goes well for you. It should be a lot of fun.

    2. Hearing that your just starting makes me feel a bit like a blogger veteran. :P

    3. I went to Ireland! Ah haha, she told you? Yeah I am hoping it goes well too. Blogger veterans, that's what all of you are, exactly! I'm an amateur. I'll learn tho, I'm sure of it. I wanted to start a blog to document some of my college years.

    4. That's really cool! Funny thing is that I have Irish in my family, but I think certain types of Irish accents are really annoying. I would still go to Ireland tho if I had the chance. I think my favorite accents would be Russian and Australian.
      I saw her emailing you about it actually, I have already come a long way myself. My older posts could be pretty bad, when it came to indenting and spacing the lines. Not to mention all the different theme variations!
      You'll probably have a better start than me.

    5. Ah, I think Irish accents are really intriguing. All accents really are fascinating to me. I'm really hoping I can travel again, this trip hooked me good. :P

      Oh that's what happened. Haha. Aye yea, everyone always hates their old writing. But everything that comes before makes us who we are now!

      Thank you! I appreciate that!

    6. Irish accents annoying?? O_0 Um....NO.

    7. It's just certain tones can really grate me, and some Irish accents are like that. Even French accents can be a little annoying. Ha ha. Or American. I guess it's tones that bother me, not really accents at all.

      Yeah, without the bad stuff in the past there wouldn't be any improvement.

      Good luck!


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