Introducing THE RUSSIAN GOPHER!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! What did I do to my blog? Pretty snappy, right?

I totally revamped everything. Including the title!  Other than a name and super-cool looks though, nothing's really changed! 
The new face of my blog. An angry Russian gopher sporting an AK and a molotov cocktail.
(A classic improvised weapon much associated with the Russians).

Same guy behind the keyboard. Same posts. Just new ones and hopefully lots of them!
Big thank you to all my current readers and subscribers! Thank you for wasting time that could be spent outside in the sun by roasting your eyeballs on the computer screen reading about stuff I like. I love you guys so much. 

But no, seriously, I do really appreciate my readers. I hope you like the new look, feel free to say it if you don't, (because I probably won't change it) and go forth and make the best of the rest of your day!

I'm getting more sarcastic with age, aren't I?



  1. Ha ha! The Russian Gopher, I like it! :D And the dancing dinos...hysterical.

    1. Thank you. I thought it was a very good representation of my style. The dinos are from my very first post, so it is kind of a reference to that since I sort of "restarted" my blog.


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