Letting the art speak for itself #1

Because I'm that lazy.

Drott D3T scout mech.


  1. You need to design art for video games man.

  2. HEllo, Im back. Glad to see some more art. Also I really like your new blog mascot.
    This mech is obviously a scout, a more modern version as compared to your usual alternate history pictures. Looks like weaponry is optional here, this unit is built for speed. Looks like it might have smoke canister launchers to cover an escape. I can only imagine that the ride is very bumpy in that thing, unless is has VERY impressive shocks or something. What kind of power source does it use?

    1. Good to hear from you again. Thank you! It is more of a sci-fi design. Its inspired by the game, Hawken. There are weapon mounts on each leg, and it has at least one built-in machine gun. but there's nothing mounted on the legs in the picture. And yeah, those are smoke launchers. The movement would probably be very "bouncy" and I could kind of picture it taking really long strides, hopefully making a bearable ride simply because it's going so fast. And at slow speeds maybe it would have a lot of pneumatic parts that would contract and extend a lot. I guess the pilots would have to be strapped in really tight and maybe that could have a gyroscopic stabilizer that keeps their chairs level with the horizon. I'm not sure how it's powered. Maybe a miniaturized reactor of some sort. I don't like the idea of it being diesel or gas. Electric could be another option.


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