The Tacticool Jerk Pt. 2: What does it mean to kill?

Part Two:

Humans are people with varying personalities and unique souls, not "NMEs and "Friendlies".

When the time comes to kill, you must be capable of doing it. Fully, ruthlessly, and swiftly. But the difference between a godly warrior and an evil killer is this: They both do their job with equal violence, but the killer seeks it, while the warrior does not.

   The warrior is completely prepared to destroy, but he does not seek the opportunity. He is vigilant, and not taken off guard when such violence is called for, but again, he does not seek it out.

   The killer, on the other hand, lives for blood, seeks violence, and only shies from it when the cost is too great to himself.

   The warrior will not shy away from violence if it will protect others, even if he must be killed in the ensuing fight.

   Meanwhile, the killer retreats when the fire is too hot, and will sacrifice anyone into the fields of destruction if it means he may escape with his own life.

  We must be prepared for anything. Life-threatening danger can come from anyone, anytime, and anywhere. An old lady with arthritis can still pull the trigger on a handgun, and terrorists may turn a five-year-old child into a suicide bomb.
An obese person who can't run a mile without throwing up can still drive a 2,000 pound vehicle loaded with explosives. And even a person in a wheelchair can still throw a grenade.

These are sad realities, but realities nonetheless.

   The cheeky phrase "Be prepared to kill everyone you meet" is a good one, but it has been woefully misapplied in our culture, instead of garnering true preparedness it's simply a bad attitude adopted by a society that has been over-immersed in violence.

   Having the ability to kill any opponent you may face is a desirable attribute, but not one that you take so much pride in that you have stick it on your bumper or something.

  In a self-defense situation, your goal should be to keep yourself from injury or death, not inflicting it on the person attacking you. Killing your opponent is really only the secondary objective. Your primary objective is keeping yourself and innocents safe.
Not the right attitude

 Before you take that the wrong way though, let's make something clear: In order to keep yourself from getting killed or seriously injured, you typically will have to kill or seriously injure the person attacking you. So therefore, your secondary objective (killing your attacker) quickly becomes the primary objective. When the situation deteriorates to the point where violence is the only way out, when A can't be achieved without B, then B quickly becomes A.

But the point is, that you shouldn't invest in self-defense and weaponry just because you want to prove those skills by killing somebody in a violent confrontation.

  Human beings were created in the image of God, designed with the purpose of glorifying Him in all that they do on this earth. Now this is, of course, a fallen world, but the above statement still applies.

 Each human being is unique, with different personalities, likes and dislikes, and family relationships. Each human being has a soul that God puts great value on, and each soul will end up going to either hell or heaven.

Our perspective on self-defense and war should be shaped on this.

  People are people. Human beings are more than a mind and a body. They have souls and God created them.

  Taking a life is a very big deal. You are ending someone. But when it's all on the line, and you do what needs to be done, then there shouldn't be any guilt on your part that you can't get over. To quote Sean Connery's character in the movie The Untouchables, "You did your duty, go home and sleep well tonight".

Part Three: How much is enough?

Note: The Untouchables is great movie, but it is rated R. I watched it on ClearPlay, just in case you were wondering.


  1. Nice post. You made some very good points.
    P.S. I really want to watch the Untouchables. Especially because it has sean connery and Kevin Costner in it.

    1. Thanks! Glad you liked it.

      Yeah, it was really good movie. The ending line is one of the best. Great characters, acting, and action.

    2. Im glad my comments are showing up. I have posted some before this but they didn't register.


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