The Tacticool Jerk: A short post series

I like guns (but rarely shoot them) I like airsoft (but never play) and I think all sorts of big things about home defense and 2nd Amendment stuff, but rarely say them out loud. I'm a student of tacticool-ness that has plenty of book-reading but no practical field experience. 

Basically,  I'm a tactical junkie that places way too much emphasis on guns and violence, a person wearing black, sulking around on the streets, secretly hoping for a mugger to attack me so that I can prove myself to be the self-proclaimed street-fighting hero that I know deep down that I am.

That, my friends, is the mindset of the "tacticool jerk". So yes, I just called myself an idiot. 

Tactical people are funny. Edgy, with perpetual frowns who won't loosen up, always thinking in terms of military strategy, and secretly hoping for something to go wrong so they can fulfill their Call-of-Duty fantasies. (I don't actually play that by the way).

 But inside all that ridiculousness  there is a tiny nugget of wisdom and practicality. The task I have set before us today is the need to sort out "tactical, practical, and prepared normal person", from the "locked and loaded jerk".  And so this post series is going to be all about taking advice from a hypocrite: Me!

1. The world is not as messed up as you think it is.

First things first. This world is messed up beyond belief. And it is going to get worse. One trip to Walmart on a busy day is enough to make you want to go away into the mountains. Our world is filled to the brim with perversion and violence. Our entertainment industry feeds every base desire, and the freakish debauchery that is plain-faced in the lower strata of society (criminal biker gangs, the drug culture, and all the other unmentionables) is climbing its way up the ladder.

The world is more dangerous, more hostile, and just plain weird than it has ever been before.

The human that walks today's streets with acceptance and normality, is a creature that would have been utterly obscene, objectionable, and completely incompatible with the society that existed 60 years ago.

Violence is everywhere. In our music, in our movies and books, in our schools, and all over the world, from shootings to full-scale wars designed to wipe out entire races of people.
*machine gun chatter

But all that being said, we don't live in a warzone. Not yet. And I would't be holding my breath. Because we're not going to be at the breaking point for awhile. 

Until people are regularly shooting at each other off their back porches, and until you can't drive on the freeway without seeing a road rage incident, then I am not going to be very concerned. I haven't even seen a real car crash happen. I have seen the aftermath but not an actual accident. Much less a murder, violent confrontation, or shootout. Violence is really not all that widespread. 

Guns are a necessity. Everybody responsible enough to have one, should have one. But there really isn't enough violence in America to justify to getting decked out like Rambo.
America falling down the elevator shaft

Next Week: Part Two: Humans are people with unique personalities and unique souls, not "NMEs and "Friendlies".


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