The Rezvani TANK is an absolute BEAST. The ultimate "tacticool" car?

Okay. Well we can forget NanoWriMo. I missed one day, and then another, and another, and now I am at the point where I don't care at all about writing my nano story. It is still a good story, and maybe I will still work on it eventually, but I aint going to be a nanowrimo winner anytime soon.
Lazy me.

Anyways, so I came across an article talking about this ridiculously cool piece of work.
(Yeah, time that could have been spent writing my novel).

This is the Rezvani TANK. Absolutely sick. A really good idea. And a REALLY bad idea. 
First off, this vehicle is beautiful. It doesn't have that classic military appeal, but it is pretty tacticool. I would love to grab a bunch of friends and drive around  in it, blaring music. I think it is the ultimate "squad/party-with-my-friends" kind of vehicle. 

But then there's the bad news. This bad boy can be fitted with ballistic armor. I don't know whether the armor is any good or not (maybe the manufacturer assumes that no one is actually going to punch holes through it to test it)) but you can mount this thing with armor. There are three options, one to protect against pistol rounds, another to ward of rifle bullets, and the highest level, "armor-piercing".

 If that can actually provide protection from heavy rounds like .50BMG, then that is a serious problem for law enforcement. Drug dealers can get pretty rich. So a $300,000 bullet-proof XUV (Extreme Utility Vehicle) is well within their ill-gotten budget. And even though our cops are probably a bit better armed than they used to be, I still think that is a pretty bad idea. 

A cool tactical vehicle? Very cool. But one with armor? Say what you will, I don't think that is a good idea. But then again, a couple of dudes with blowtorches and steel could probably take a minivan and turn it into a war wagon. And the Rezvani is awful conspicuous. 

So I don't know. Armor or no armor, it's pretty darn awesome.

$150,000 with standard options, about $350,000 maxed out. Orders are being taken now.

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