Random reviews, (Fornite, The Greatest Showman, etc)

So yeah, I'm doing another roundup/update post. I don't really mind, and I don't think you guys do either. I would think that you enjoy some variety versus me writing a bazillion paragraphs about the same topic.

As I mentioned before, I have been playing on my Xbox quite a bit. That's still true, but right now I'm trying to cut back a little so I can get more PC-based work done. Obviously, the initial excitement has worn off a little, but I think I have been having even more fun with it than when I first got it, because of certain games I have downloaded, and since I've become better at the controls.

I also redeemed my free 1-month trial of game pass, which means I have full games that I still haven't played through or downloaded.


Here we go.

The Greatest Showman (2017)

I saw this movie with my sister just recently in theaters, and I have to say, I was very impressed. I went in with low expectations (I made no point to go see it, it was more of my sister's idea) and those expectations were blown away. My low expectations were due in part to the mixed/negative critical reception.
 I have a tendency to set too much store by the opinions of the critics, so this movie taught me a good lesson: It doesn't matter what the critics say!

Based on the story of P.T. Barnum's famous circus, the movie does not feel like a historical biography. It is a entertaining musical, pure and simple. I think it's safe to assume pretty much next to nothing in the movie happened in real life, and I don't consider TGS a true story in any way, shape, or form.
Most biographical films tend to paint an unrealistic portrait of whoever the movie is about anyway, and I'm sure that P.T. Barnum is no exception. But like I said, it's a fun musical, not a biography, so I don't actually care.

The biggest issue I have with the movie would be the fact that it is very easy to twist the message into being one that supports homosexuality, trans-sexuality, and all the other weird and sinful "alities" going around these days.

I definitely concur with the message of accepting the differences in people and not looking down on or shunning them because of disabilities, abnormalities, or birth defects, but that does not extend to homosexuality, or other sinful lifestyles.

The movie made no overt move in that direction thankfully, but I think it is obvious that the filmmakers do support those sorts of things, but decided to leave it out for the sake of steering clear of political and social controversy.

 They saw what happened with Beauty And the Beast (2015), and they didn't want to pay the price of being overt.

But all in all, it was a "great" movie.


"Going Home" by Mary Fahl

My first music review on this blog. Ever! I first heard this song when I watched the Civil War movie, Gods and Generals. Gods and Generals is probably one of the most impressive films that I have seen, its emotional and dramatic style inspires me a lot and would be a style that I would like to imitate if I had the money to make the movies in my head into real big-budget productions (and they would require big budgets, trust me).

Unless something else comes to my mind as better, I'm going to say that Gods and Generals has my favorite opening credits sequence ever.

And half of that is because of the song. If it was set to a lesser song, the credits wouldn't really be worth mentioning.
It's one of those songs that is filled with epicness and grandeur, tempered with a whole bucket of bittersweet. It doesn't really make me cry outright, just kind of clogs up my heart and throat with emotion that can't really get out because it's so beautiful. I know that makes me sound like Anne of Green Gables, but I can't help it. I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG.

Grid 2 (2013)

I got this game on Game Pass. I had tried the Grid 2 Demo on PC before, and I liked it pretty well. It was fun to get it again on Xbox, and it is something I plan on buying once my Game Pass expires.

 It is a arcade racing game, not a simulator like Forza or DiRT Rally. It has split screen, something that way too many racing games lack, so that is the main reason I'm going to buy it, because I can race with my sister and dad.

The graphics aren't bad, and I have found the campaign enjoyable as well. And since it's so old, you can pick up a copy for only $25. Instead of Forza for $50.

Fortnite (2017)

I have played Fortnite some more, I and would definitely say that I have gotten more of a feel for it. I think it is a great game, and offers a lot. I like how it is not just a mindless tactical shooter, but combines all sorts of elements.

You have to be stealthy, you need to scavenge weapons, keep ahead of the storm, and be wise when it comes to pulling the trigger. There are plenty of times where the smart thing to do is to just stay hidden and let players pass you by.

 Other times you can catch players building or not paying attention and ambush them. I have only played it on Xbox thus far, but I would seriously consider downloading it on PC, since I play shooters better on PC, so I think it would be more fun.

YouTube WIP/update

Here's an update on my YouTube channel: First off, I think few of you actually care, but instead of doing a separate gaming channel, all of my videos are just going to be uploaded to my original channel. I know I've renamed it about thirty times, but right now I'm going with Andrew's TV as my channel title.

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