Sick Nerf gun mod

Not very long ago, I purchased a Nerf gun in hopes of having some fun battles with my friends. This didn't really materialize however, and the particular gun I bought would be of little use in any serious dart-fight.

I have been familiar with Nerf for years, but this was the first gun I had ever bought in a long time.

Introducing the "Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Series Falconfire". Gotta love the stupid names. 
Anyways, the problem with this gun was the fact that it is a single-shot where each dart has to be loaded through the top individually. I thought this was cool at first (seemed like a good idea at the time) but I quickly realized this would make it near-useless in a nerf war.

I held onto it for a long time until I came up with the great idea of modifying it. I can't remember which idea came first: adding weight to it, or painting it. Might have been both at the same time. But anyways, I took this fanciful-looking white and orange blaster and turned it into this bad boy right here:

Now before we continue, I will say this: the gun is not yet finished. Just recently I dry-brushed some silver paint onto it to create a worn-metal look. I did this for fun, as I still need to apply a second coat, and therefore all of my dry-brushing work will have to be redone. But the point is that it won't stay as a matte-black gun, I hope to get it to the point where it "pops" so to speak, and catches the eye.

Besides the obvious paint job however, I sawed off part of the barrel with a small dremel tool, and I sawed off most of the spare dart rack on the bottom, and I roughly sanded away the Nerf logos and warnings on the side. Including the one that so clearly states NOT to modify the blaster.

I drilled some holes into some 3x2 Lego blocks in order to create the muzzle brake, and I inserted that into the barrel shroud and filled in the empty areas using modelling putty. This area is very rough as is evident from the below picture, but I wasn't aiming for perfection.
Lego muzzle brake detail

I also disassembled the blaster and inserted some metal weights into the interior in order to give it a more realistic weight. I wanted the weights to be snug and secure, but unfortunately, one of them shifts around, creating an annoying sound and sensation when the gun is handled. 

After this gun is completely finished, I'll plan on an update post. Modding Nerf guns is a very cool hobby that I have recently become interested in. It may be a fad, but I hope to do more projects like this in the future. Thanks to a friend who sent me a link to a nerf mod website, I have been researching nerf modding and I have found lots of great inspiration such as this awesome mod:

modded longshot

So hopefully there shall be more to come.

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