Don't die easy

With all the terror, carnage, crime, and sin in this world, it is easy to give up hope. It is easy to think that the good fight we claim to fight is being fought in vain. If we are only claiming, not doing, then yes, it is vain.

I know this may not settle well with all readers, but the election of Donald Trump has taught me something. It has given me hope. I have been reminded that evil and insanity have not yet dealt a fatal blow to humanity. The good guys can still win.

As a Christian, I think it is easy for me to bemoan the evils of this world, but not do anything about them because the Bible says that things will continue to get worse. I don't have a specific verse to back that up, so maybe its just a misconception I've bred from watching Left Behind. (I'm talking about the good one, not that garbage with Nicolas Cage, just to be clear). Anyways, the point is that it is easy to take a "oh well, things are terrible, let's hunker down and wait for the Second Coming" sort of mentality.

But the real, balanced fight between the good and bad people in this world (general terms, not theological) shows that it is still worth fighting for. Yes, the moral fabric of our society is eroding. Eventually, it probably will collapse.

But we can take a stand for what is right and good. We can win, and things can get better. We can crack down on crime. We can get the lazy to work. We can end the gender nonsense. We can outlaw the killing of unborn children and we can enforce the laws that ban it. We can take our dysfunctional society and turn it into something that is good, strong, and proud.

And yes, we can only do this by the grace of God. But I believe that God honors hard work. The kind of hard work that established this great nation in the first place.

There has always been injustice, immorality, terror, and war. And until that great day, there always will be. The day the curtain closes on the grand drama of mankind is a day known only to God.

Therefore, we have no excuse but to do our best to make our nation and our world a better place. And not just America. But wherever you live.

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