Questions, comments, concerns... and bananas

How can I make my blog better? Let's face it, I've been in this business for about two years, and I only have about 8 followers. It's not all about numbers, and you, my faithful few, are an awesome bunch. But of course, almost any (power-hungry) blogger will ask themselves: "How can I recruit more compatriots in my ultimate quest for world dominance?" Be honest, I know you have asked yourself that way more times than you can probably count.

But anyways, the point is, I don't get much traffic on this blog, and I want to ask you, my readers, why that is so, share my own theories on why this is so, and also, ask for any tips and advice you may have so I can make my blog better.

So obviously, there are some things right off that bat that need to be taken into account. I'm in a niche. Blogging is predominantly a "girl thing". Guys can (and should) blog, but the point is that finding your target audience can be slightly more difficult if you're a guy. Or at least a guy with my interests. Many of the male bloggers that I follow focus on writing/storytelling, which can appeal to a wide demographic. But if you're like me, posting about guns and military technology, your audience is going to be more focused.

unless you include kitties

Now, I have done some fiction writing posts, and I would (in theory) like to do more. But aside from the effort involved, I don't like to put my ideas out in the open until they are really well developed or are in some sort of format where they couldn't be stolen. I don't think I'm that creative, but I don't want to put out some half-baked (but good) idea where it can be scooped up by somebody else, thus terminating any opportunity for me to develop the idea to its full potential.

Some posts, (such as my posts regarding the latest additions to the Star Wars franchise) are pretty popular. But these are examples of content that are universally appealing because of the large number of fans out there and the general hype induced by each release. The rest of my blog doesn't necessarily come into play for this kind of interest, just the fact that I'm posting about something that everybody is super excited for during a short period of time.

So, as I said before, the rest of my posts are generally only going to interest a smaller group of people. I would like more readers, but by no means do I want to change my posts in the sense of not posting about things I love and care about. If people only liked to read posts about bananas, then I would do one of three things:

1.Post whatever I want, ignoring the banana craze

2. Post about something I do care about, but with a banana reference of some sort.

3. Or quit blogging altogether.

I blog for fun, so if I only blogged about what other people cared to read, not what I care to write, then there would be no point, because I wouldn't have any fun. But knowing that other people read what you write can be part of the fun factor, so it depends.

Ok, so to the actual point. How can I make my blog better? What do you think of my theme/brand? Which posts are my best/most interesting? Which ones are boring? Should there be more crossover between my blog and YouTube channel or should they remain very separated entities?

And just to sum it up and make it clear, yes, I want more followers. But I appreciate my current following tremendously. Even if you don't read my posts, skim or skip the boring ones, that's okay. If I'm showing up in your reading list, that still means a lot. It's not that particularly good, but it's still something.

So thank you. And I truly mean that, it's not just lip service.

P.S. If I tried podcasting, is that something you would be interested in?
I decided to add this picture of Mexican cops carrying M1911s just because I can and because it's awesome.
come to think of it, I should do more research on the drug war.


  1. Reading other bloggers advice They say that finding and commenting on other people's blogs is an important way to get people viewing you blog.
    I think that you should definitely post more of your fiction. I read once that ideas for stories are easy, dime a dozen. It is putting the effort into the idea and making it a story that is hard. So I would not worry about people stealing you ideas. I steal idea's all the time. (Just not word for word, I give them my own flair.) Repurposing and being inspired by other people's stories is an important part of our culture and collective identity. Most art, be it stories, paintings, sculpture etc. is heavily inspired by what has come before.
    Hope this comment was helpful.

    1. Yes, I've heard that one. Part of it is commenting on blogs that interest me, and there are only a select few. But I should definitely do some searching and work on that.

      That is good advice. I'll consider that, you definitely make a good point. I think posting more fiction would be a good idea. I'm not a big fiction writer, but I do have some stuff to work with.

      Thanks, it was helpful, I appreciate the feedback man!


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