So here it is. After months of mystery and speculation, we have the first glimpse into the next Halo title, the game to bring the franchise back after the mixed reception of Halo 5. And it's not new just because it's the next title. The art style has changed, and it's going to run on the new Slipspace game engine. THIS LOOKS AMAZING!

So, it appears that we will have a while to wait on Halo: Infinite. But I'm totally stoked and excited for this. The new landscape and environment graphics looked amazing. This definitely looks like something the Xbox One X will be in its element running, and the overall look is so natural, wild, and realistic. I loved the shot of the marines and the Master Chief, totally throwing us back into the awesome art style of Halo 3. It's really too soon to say, but I think this is going to be great.

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