You mean guns aren't his only hobby!? (I think I may have broken my gif record!)

On my blog, I have posted a lot about guns and the military. However, I do have (a few) other hobbies, and one of them would be cycling. Cycling is kind of on the fence, being a sort of hobby, but also falling into the "something I just do a lot category". Sort of like video games. If you play video games every day and don't think about it, it's just something you like to do. But if you give yourself a cool label like, "gamer" then all of a sudden, this activity becomes a "hobby".

I guess that could be a hobby

Anyways, I'm 17 and still finishing up highschool (homeschooled) and I have been pursuing firearms, airsoft, and other tactical-style hobbies to little avail.

I just moved not too long ago, which opened up some new and interesting possibilities. (Such as a purely tactical gun shop located just a bike's ride away from me). I also got my first job not too long ago, so the prospect of actually earning enough money to buy a firearm really got me excited.

You never would see anybody shell out those bucks so gleefully

Now, these interests still burn pretty strong for me, but for various reasons (as you might expect when it comes to a hobby as expensive and controversial as owning military-style weapons) I realized that this kind of stuff probably wouldn't become possible for a few years yet.

dreams going up in smoke

And in a search for a hobby that I could do now (instead of simply dream about) and perhaps one that didn't revolve around the art of killing, I thought about the hobby I already do.

Riding my bicycle.

Like pretty much everybody, I rode a bike as a kid, but eventually we got rid of my bike (it probably got small for me or whatever) and I wasn't riding for several years, unless you count hopping on my sister's bike every once and awhile. Most guys wouldn't admit that, but I just did.

Anyways, I remember going on a car ride and I saw a dude pedal by on a mountain-style bike, looking really cool doing it. And because of my insatiable desire to look cool, I was interested. Perhaps there was some other reason I got so suddenly interested in bike riding, but if there was, I can't really remember what it was.

So instead of having my parents spend $400 for me to go to driving school and sit in a classroom where a lecturer would drone on about stuff everybody should know already, I elected to have my parents spend their money on a nice, new bike for me. According to the laws in my state, I could wait til I turned 18 and then learn to drive with my parents, skipping all the red tape and stupidity.

Driving with my own parents will be stressful enough, but it won't be as bad as driving with some stranger that I would be bound to dislike. And it will be free.

So that's the origin story of my bike riding. The bike I got was a Trek 820, an entry-level mountain bike. The story of how I ended up choosing that bike is also somewhat interesting, but this post is getting too long anyway. Don't worry, you're not missing out on anything juicy.

So I rode my bike a lot, probably over a hundred miles, maybe two hundred, but it is hard to say.

This photo is pretty old, and reflects the dirt road conditions I rode in for a long time. I explored a lot, and got lost a lot. I navigated with landmarks, and sometimes a compass. I sometimes rode into a small town, but I had very few actual destinations to arrive to.

But with my recent move, I can bike ride and actually go to places of interest, such as the library, gunshop, downtown, or what have you.

And now I'm just going to show you some of my riding gear, because I'm a gear junkie.

For a long while I rode using a normal backpack. And then I got my tactical-style backpack, which was very cool-looking but it would always give me that feeling that everybody was watching me and silently judging me as a terrorist or school shooter.

I still use that backpack, which I may do a separate post on in the future, but for now I'll just focus on the Plano fanny pack that I found in a thrift shop for $2.50. It has quite a bit of storage space and is great for bike riding. Also shown is my pair of fingerless riding gloves that I have had for about as long as my bike. I wasn't wearing them for a long time, but I recently dug them out of the garage, washed them, and brought them back into service.

The fanny pack is pretty interesting, because even though I'm not old enough to have a CPL, I can see that it has plenty of space for a handgun and ammunition. In fact, it wouldn't be a bad makeshift belt for carrying ammo for an AR-15. It doesn't have to look tacticool to be tactical. Okay, I'm getting distracted by my inner operator again. Sorry, but not really sorry.


As you can see, I'm pretty color-coordinated. When I bought my gear, I figured it would be nice to match the colors with my bike, but the fanny pack just happened to be blue. I think I look good in blue, but I don't necessarily have one favorite color. Blue is definitely up there, but I like a lot of different colors. Again, kind of random, but now you know.

Anyways, right now I only have a cheap-o cable and lock, which I hope to replace at some point with something more secure. I also found this cool multi-headed screwdriver tool which I found at a garage sale. To me, it looks like a Star Wars prop. It's not very durable, but I think it looks cool and would come in handy. (For screws, not stabbing people).

I also found a used camelbak at a garage sale for about $2 or something like that. I used to own a camelbak (purchased new) and I got rid of it because it was a pain to store and mess around with. I think I was overthinking it. Anyways, for the money I felt I had to pick it up and that it would be useful for those situations where a camelbak is particularly advantageous.

I also have a fairly standard Bontrager helmet, which matches my bike as well.

So there you have it! Maybe I'll do more bike posts in the future. My dad just got a set of lights for his bike, and it looks really cool and allows for night riding (obviously). I've been researching a little bit, and I might try some trail riding. I also would like to get lights for my bike, and a luggage rack as well. And with a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver still in my possession, who knows what you guys might see in the future? Time will tell.

And without going Michelle Obama on you, I think bike riding is a great hobby. It is sort of expensive, but in my opinion it's cooler than running, you can use it as a effective means of commute and travel, it has a diverse community, and it can keep you in shape. Ok, that's it for the PSA.

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  1. Your bravery and courage in being so open about your past struggles is inspiring. I applaud your honesty; thank you. Now all the brothers doomed to borrow their sister's bike (with or without permission....) can be encouraged by your similar story. Wow, you're so brave. Thank you for sharing. I know others will be uplifted by the knowledge they aren't alone.
    #brave #sotrue #clarityiskindness


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